Durian Health Benefits Will Put You In Awe

Durian Health Benefits Will Put You In Awe

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Durian is thorny fruit with the taste like heaven. The scent of this fruit can be smelt from far. This fruit comes from South-East Asia. It is always referred to as King of Fruits because of the flavor that cannot be found in other fruits. Besides, it has nutrients which help to improve health.

Hence, durian health benefits might just put you in awe. Even so, durian is controversial fruit because some people think it can increase cholesterol and influence high blood pressure. To make it clear, let’s dig out more about health benefits of durian:

Energy Source        

Durian is tropical fruit and rich of energy source. It has 147 calories per 100gr of fresh flesh of durian. It’s quite high that you need about 30 minutes to burn it. However, it contains vitamin and mineral as well to help you resist from any free radicals.

Improving Digestive System        

Durian contains dietary fiber which is very good for digestion. Besides, the fiber can increase the ability to remove toxin in the body. It also benefits gut to eliminate harmful chemical causing cancer. Hence, it is good to eat durian if you have digestive problem. However, eat it in proper amount.

Controlling Blood Pressure        

The potassium contained in durian is quite high. Hence, it can control blood pressure because potassium can balance the salt and fluid in the cells. Durian health benefits to help vessels to relax, then it can reduce the risk of cardiovascular problem.

By healthy cardiovascular system, the blood flow will be running well throughout the body and brain, making you have less possibility of getting cognitive function system.

Keep Your Youth        

You can look young longer by consuming durian because it contains high antioxidant. The vitamin and organic chemical contained in antioxidant of durian will help to remove free-radicals that always be the main problem of premmature aging. Thus, eating durian properly will help you to stay young.

Get Better Sleep        

Durian also contains tryptophan which can be converted into serotonin and relax your body. Thus, you will get sleepy easier. If you have insomnia, just eat durian to get better sleep and wake up in the morning with relax feeling.

Those are durian health benefits that you need to know. It shows that durian can control blood pressure instead of increasing it. However, eat durian in proper amount to get the benefits. Don’t it it excessively or you will get your stomach upset.

How to Eat Jackfruit to Get The Best Taste

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Jackfruit is the best treat to enjoy in summer. However, you need to know how to eat jackfruit to get the sweet flavor of the yellow flesh that will just melt in your mouth. For you who are still unfamiliar with jackfruit, the outer look is similar to durian.

It has thorny and thick peel. The flesh comes in bright to deep yellow color. The flavor is sweet and almost there’s no sour flavor. The flesh is quite tender and it has a seed inside. The seed is covered with a protection like shell. You can also eat the seed because it’s edible. Indeed, it contains much nutrients as the flesh.

However, some people think it’s quite hard to eat jackfruit especially to cut it. Here are several steps to enjoy the sweet bulbs of jackfruit.

  • Oil your hands so the latex won’t get stuck to your hands because it’s quite hard to remove. You can use coconut oil so it won’t affect the taste of the fruit.
  • Cut the thorny and thick peel with knife (big knife). But, don’t forget to oil the knife before using it because the latex might stick to it.
  • Now, cut the jackfruit vertically so it divided into 2 parts. It might take time to cut them if you are not experienced in cutting jackfruit, especially the big ones.
  • Then, you will see lots of bulbs but take out the non-edible middle bit so you can take out the bulbs easier.
  • Next, just separate the bulbs from the fibres around and enjoy them.

How to Eat Jackfruit Seed

It’s not only the fruit is edible but the seed also can be made into delicious treat. Here are some ways you can do to eat the seeds:

  • Remove the skin of the seeds, wash them and boiled them until they get soft.
  • You can also roast them to get crunchy texture.
  • Or, Make it as additional ingredients for soup, and other dishes.

Jackfruit is not only delicious but also nutritious. You will get better digestive system by consuming this fruit because it contains high fiber as laxative enzymes. However, don’t need to worry because it won’t make you get diarrhea as long you eat them in proper amount.

If you try to apply the right ways how to eat jack fruit, you will enjoy the process. It will be worth it with a delicacy that you can taste especially when it’s just out of tree.

Mangosteen Side Effects You Should Aware

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Mangosteen is fresh fruit which now becomes more popular because it has been known to be nutritious. However, lots of people are also curious about mangosteen side effects that might appear to be harmful for health.

Today, you can get mangosteen extract in drug store. It is said to be very effective in maintaining health and also cure some disease like cancer. The antioxidants contained in mangosteen can fight against free radicals which the main cause of immune system problem.

The most powerful benefit of mangosteen taken from the pericarp or rind. It is the red and smooth covering around the white pulp. The taste of it is bitter but it’s the source of Xanthones.

The benefits of xanthones are:

  • Improving cardiovascular health
  • Antiviral
  • Anti-biotic
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Powerful antioxidants

As the mangosteen extract keeps developing, is there any side effect which harm body? Let’s find the answer.

Even though lots of people claim that mangosteen benefits for health, it’s still need further research so it’s not only the benefits known but also the side effect. Drinking mangosteen juice is found to have side effect such as Lactic acidosis. This possibility of mangosteen side effect is the condition when lactic acid accumulates abnormally in the bloodstream.

Lactic acidosis can be known from the symptoms like nausea, shock or weakness. When you get such symptoms, you should call doctor or medical provider to seek for help.

Actually, there is no other significant side effects appeared or reported after using mangosteen treatments. However, you need to be aware of any possibilities like allergic since it’s a plant.

Another thing that can lead to side effects is the use of mangosteen together with your medification. If you are now taking medification from your doctor, you should consult about your intention on taking mangosteen treatments.

It is important to know if there any drug interaction that can lead to harm your health instead. Certain drugs might not suitable to be consumed together with mangosteen extract. Hence, talk to your doctor or phsycian to prevent any harmful effects.

To lessen the possibility of experience mangosteen side effects, you should talk to the health care provider about your condition or if you suffer certain disease. Even though it’s herbal, mangosteen extract is not recommended for nursing mother or pregnant women.

That’s why, it is essentially important to discuss and let the health care provider know about your condition. Therefore, they can decide whether or not it’s good for you to take the mangosteen extract.

The Right Fertilizer for Guava Tree

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Guava is fresh fruit which has habitat in the tropical area. It is delicious fruit come in white or red flashed with thick peel that is also edible. Guava is usually made into juice and it contains vitamin C and antioxidant which benefits for our health.

For you who grow guava tree in your backyard should know how to care and what fertilizer for guava tree. The tree is quite sensitive to frost and cold because it’s typical of tropical plants.

Hence, you need to grow the guava tree properly so it can produce much fruits that you can enjoy.


What You Need To Know About Guava Tree 

  • The size of guava tree is varied but it’s short in average. It has wide canopy and sturdy trunk. The tree can produce many delicious fruits.
  • The soil for growing guava should be the one with good drainage. Basically, the tree can thrive in any soil. However, it should have enough sun exposure.
    If the tree gets full sun, it will help to get better flowering. As the result, the tree will produce the fruits massively.
  • Growing guava in United States requires extra protection especially from cold because guava tree is sub-tropical to tropical. It may survive from cold wind or frost but only in very short periods.
  • Fertilizing guava tree can be done every one to two months when it’s young and you can increase fertilizing three to four times per year.
    Keep fertilizing in that period as the tree matures. The right fertilizer for guava tree are phosporic acid, nitrogen, and potash in high amount. Magnesium can be added to get optimum production of the fruits.
  • The formula for fertilizing the soil is 6-6-6-2 of phosphoric acid, nitrogen, potash, and magnesium. Fertilizing the soil should be done in growing season and growth period of guava.
  • Watering should be done after planting in frequent times. Once the tree gets matured, you just need to keep the soil moist. There is no special treatment to this tree. You can treat it like other fruiting trees once it established.


Furthermore, caring for guava tree will include many thing. Soil, eater and fertilize are the three most important elements you should pay attention.

However, fertilizer for guava tree doesn’t need to be exclusive. Just pay attention on the formula and the right time to fertilize it. Then, the tree will grow healthily and produce more fruits. Hence, you can take the fruit and eat it raw or made it into fresh juice.

Dragon Fruit Plant Care Tips For You

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Enjoying the fresh white flesh of dragon fruit in the afternoon will make you feel alive again. Or, drinking fresh smoothies made of dragon fruits will be just perfect to face the day.

The sweet, crunchy and tender flavor of dragon fruit cannot be resisted. It will be much more amazing if you can take the fruits anytime in your backyard.

If you have had it already, you should know dragon fruit plant care. Here I’m going to share it with you how to take care of dragon fruit plant so it will grow healthier and produce much fruits.

Dragon fruit is kind of cactus plant which has ability to grow very fast in suitable area. It can grow very long about 20 feets and more. This fruit has been cultivated all around the world because it has great ability to adapt with variety of climates and soil.


Here are Some Tips About How To Take Care of Dragon Fruit Plants:


Although the dragon fruit plants need soil with dry conditions, but it remains necessary water to help the plant physiology processes.

Watering begins on the 10th day after planting or in accordance with the conditions of the land. If the soil is too dry then should be watered. Watering does not need too much because it will make the stem rotten.

The frequency of watering is different between the vegetative stage and generative. In the vegetative stage the watering is once a week until the age of 6 months.

When the soil is too dry, the frequency of watering can be done once in 5 days. While during the generative phase, the frequency of watering is once in 10-14 days. The best time to water is in the morning or late afternoon.

At the time the plant produces flowers and fruit, watering should be reduced so that the growth of new shoots become slow then stop. Stop the watering if there is a sign of the flower buds growth. If the flower buds become increasingly apparent then you can do the watering once in 2 weeks.

When the fruit is growing as big as a fist, although it skin is still green and slightly reddish, then watering is stopped until the fruit becomes old enough. The sign is the tip and base of the fruit slightly wrinkled and hard.

Dragon fruit plants can store water, especially during the dry season. However, although the dragon fruit plants is similar with the cactus plants that resistant to drought, but lack of water will make it difficult to bear fruit.

You need to water it when it’s nearly dry. Then you have to keep the humidity, so it can grow properly. But, don’t water it too much or your plant will just die.

To give the best dragon fruit plant care, make sure that you use right container (if you use it instead of ground soil). The container or pots should have drain holes for the roots to breathe.


Sun Exposure    

It’s cactus plant so it needs much light. 80-90% of sun exposure is perfect. Hence, avoid to place the plants in shady area because they like the light a lot. Make sure that they get enough sun exposure to stay alive.

Soil Type  

Soil is one of the most crucial element in the matter of planting. To make dragon fruit plant grow well and strong, you have to plant it in the well drained soil. It is cactus plants so it hates wet or mucky soil. Hence, make sure that the soil is well drained for better growth.

There are lots benefits delivered by dragon fruits. Started from the flesh to the seeds, they contains important properties and substances that will help to improve the overall health system.

When you got dragon fruit planted in the backyard, make sure that you search for dragon fruit plant care. The best treats to the plant will make it grow stronger and longer. Besides, it will produce more fruits to be eaten raw.

Nutritional Value of Dragon Fruit that will Amaze You

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Dragon fruits are getting popular because of they are delicious and interesting in look. Another name of this fruit is pitahaya blanca. However, most of people all around the world call it as dragon fruits. Indeed, the look of this fruit is similar to dragon.

Because of the popularity, lots of people search for nutritional value of dragon fruit.

The thick flesh and tiny black seeds are just tempting to be eaten raw or made into fresh smoothies. There are three types of dragon fruit that you can find. They are white fleshed, yellow fleshed and red fleshed dragon fruits.

nutritive value of dragon fruit

Let’s find out the dragon fruit’s nutritional value:

1. Vitamin C

There are 21 mg of vitamin C per serving or 100 gr of of white-fleshed drgaon fruit. It can fulfill as much 34% od daily intake. It is moderate amount but it is three times more than vitamin C in carrot.

Vitamin C is important because it has ability to improve immune system. Besides, it can remove heavy metals and toxins from the body. And what’s so special about vitamin C is it can help to beautify the skin.

nutritional value of dragon fruit2. Fiber

Another nutritional value found in dragon fruit is fiber. In a 100 gr of serving, there are 3 gr of fiber.

Hence, it can fulfill as much 12% fiber recommended fiber daily intake. Besides, the tiny black seeds which appears around the flesh are also beneficial to improve digestive system.

They contain laxative properties or polyunsaturated fatty acids which have ability to deal with constipation.

3. Calorie

Calorie is one of the nutritional value of pitahaya blanca. You will find 60 calories per 100 gr serving. For your information, drgaon fruits don’t have complex carbohydrates. The 60 calories made by several elements.

8 calories from protein, 18 calories from unsaturated fat, and 34 calories from carbohydrates. Hence, it is safe to eat raw and fresh dragon fruits for those who are on diet. It can help to lose weigh effectively as long you eat it in proper amount.

Dragon fruits benefits for your health and it’s good to eat them regularly. They have no trans fat or cholesterol. The calories are moderate and the fiber is quite high. Thus, nutritional value of dragon fruit is exceptionally powerful to boost up the health of your body.

You can maintain your health by controlling blood pressure through daily intake of dragon fruit. One of the most amazing benefit of dragon fruit that will amaze you is its ability to fight against cancer cells.

Jackfruit Nutrition and Amazing Health Benefits

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jackfruit nutrition

Another treat of tropical fruit is coming, jackfruit. Yes, jackfruit is tropical fruit offering sweet flavor from the bulbs. The smell is strongly delicious even from distance. On top of that, jackfruit contains lots of nutrients which benefits our health.

No wonder that people search for jackfruit nutrition facts to see if the health benefits are true. Jackfruit is popular in Asian countries. It is said that jackfruit comes from mulberry family. The outer side of this fruit is thorny. The size is quite big with the bulbs inside.

Jackfruit can be eaten ripe or unripe. Ripe flesh can be eaten directly while unripe flesh can be made into delicious dishes. Besides, the seeds are usually boiled for snacks. There is also jackfruit seed nutrition that will amaze you.

nutrition of jack fruit

Jackfruit Nutrition: Let’s find out the nutrition contained in this tropical fruit:

– Jackfruit nutrition : Calories

Jackfruit contains 90 calories per 100 gr of fresh ripe flesh. Besides, it contains sugar (sucrose and fructose) which can be converted into energy source.

– Jackfruit nutrition : Antioxidant and vitamin C

Jackfruit contains high amount of vitamin C and antioxidant which can help improving immune system and also fight against free-radical and chemical which harmful for body. It will be able to resist and prevent from infectious objects. Antioxidant is a good fighter to block cancer cells, and also able to prevent premature aging.

jackfruit nutrition

– Jackfruit nutrition : Potassium

Potassium is also found as jackfruit nutrition, making it able to maintain electrolyte and fluid level balance. Therefore, your heart rate can be controlled and you will have normal blood pressure.

– Jackfruit nutrition : Dietary fiber

Dietary fiber found in jackfruit is high, making it the best laxative agent. Hence, it can maintain digestive system and will be able to improve digestion.

– Jackfruit nutrition : Jackfruit seed nutrition

The seeds of jackfruit is also nutritious. It contains fiber and resistant starch. Thus, it will help you to lose weight effectively. Besides, it can improve digestive system and control blood sugar. Hence, you will be able to avoid heart disease and high blood pressure. You can boil or roast the seeds and eat them for snacks. It taste like nuts and it will help for weight loss.

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Since it’s tropical fruit, it is quite hard to find fresh jackfruit in United States. Jackfruit usually comes in canned fruit. Therefore, it has less nutrition than the fresh fruit taken from tree. Hence, when you have chance to visit Asian countries, don’t forget to have a taste of the sweet bulbs of jackfruit which rich in benefits.

Health Benefits of Cacao That Might Shock You

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health benefits of cacao

Cacao now has been popular as healthy foods of God. You can find cacao available in many stores. However, the ones that you found is the form of fermented cacao. It is done to reduce bitterness. Hence, it’s not totally raw cacao but naturally fermented ones.

Before elaborating health benefits of cacao, let’s explore about the taste first. Some people note that cacao beans have rich flavour with the taste of berry and coffee. If you have ever felt cocoa powder, the flavor is quite similar.

There are two parts of cacao that you need to know. They are cacao beans and cacao nibs. Cacao beans are seed of cacao fruit while cacao nibs are the peeled or chopped up beans. For the first time you taste it, it won’t be that surprising especially if you are dark chocolate lover.

cacao nibs

Here are the benefits of cacao which important for health improvement :

– Delicious Anti-Depressant

If you are in bad mood, cacao will help you to have brighter day. It’s not only a saying. Cacao contains phenylethylamine and anandamide. Phenylethylamine function to trigger the release of endorphins.

Besides, it has ability to release another property like neurochemicals which can increase and improve libido. Furthermore, anandamide has ability to creates euphoria feeling, making you feel happier.

– Say No To Heart Problem and Cardiovascular

Cacao is rich in antioxidants which benefits you to avoid cardiovascular problem. It also contains flavonols which act as anti-inflammation.

It can help to improve and maintain heart health. The antioxidants called polyphenols found in cacao is known to be effective in reducing bad cholesterol. Thus, it can give better blood flow and avoid blocked arteries.

health benefits of cacao

– Stay young

Getting old is everyone’s nightmare, especially women who are very concerned about aging. The next health benefit of cacao are polyphenol antioxidants properties which benefit you to prevent premature aging.

The antioxidant can protect cells from oxidation and destruction. Oxidation and destruction of cells are normal but if they happen earlier or too fast, you will look older than your age. Thus, cacao can help you feel and look younger for a longer time.

There are other health benefits of cacao that might surprise you. Enjoying a cup of hot cacao is not only relaxing but also nutritious. Thus, cacao will make you happy, look and feel younger, and have healthier body.

Consuming cacao regularly will help you to lose weight as well. But don’t eat chocolate product which has been added with high amount of sugar because it’s bad for your health.

More Than Delicacy, Cacao Beans Nutrition

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cacao beans nutrition

Who hates chocolate? Nobody does. Chocolate is like food made of heaven. It’s been a long time that people found chocolate as powerful moodbooster.

However, it is also important for us to know about cacao beans nutrition. It is the foundation of any chocolate products you see in the supermarket.

Besides being extremely delicious, cacao beans are also nutritious. It has also another name ‘foods of the Gods’. For your information, cacao beans are seeds. Cacao itself is a tropical fruit which has variant taste offering unexceptionally rich flavor.

cacao bean nutrition

Here are The Nutrition of Cacao Beans You Need To Know:

– Calories, Fat And Fiber

In one ounce of cacao beans contain 130 calories. Besides, the beans also contain 12 gr of fat.

The 7 gr of it is saturated fat. The best thing of cacao bean is it has no trans-fats and cholesterol. The fiber is considered rich which is 9 gr of dietary fiber. It also contains protein as much 4 gr per serving.

– Antioxidants

People believe that dark chocolate has lots of benefits because the antioxidant. However, raw cacao beans nutrition facts proves that it has more antioxidants.

It benefits to fight against free-radicals which can harm body. Besides, calcium and iron are found also in the beans. Moreover, it contains magnesium as much 76 mg per serving (one ounce).

cacao beans nutrition

The Effect of Cacao Beans for Body

Chocolate has been known for moodbooster. Is it true or not? Yes it’s true. The composition of dark chocolate which basically made of cacao beans has ability to stimulate body to release endorphin.

For your information, endorphin is a good property as anti-depressant. Therefore, you will have more positive mental health so you can avoid mood swing. You will feel more relax because it also contains dopamine and serotonin to ease depression.

Besides, cacao beans has been found to be effective in reducing high blood pressure. It will also improve circulation so you will have better blood flow in your body. Thanks to polyphenols found in cacao beans so you can avoid cardiovascular problem. As the result, you will have better heart health.

Cacao beans nutrition can become your energy booster because it promotes alertness. That’s why it can have the same effect as coffee. However, coffee has the effect of strong crash afterward while cacao beans don’t. By knowing all the facts of cacao beans, you might just love chocolate more. However, dark chocolate is better than other products which usually contain much sugar.

What are The Health Benefits of Bananas That Will Amaze You

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what are the health benefits of bananas

Banana, the yellow fruit which is very iconic has been one of the most favorite fruits in the world. It is popular food amongst all ages. From infants to elders, everyone loves banana.

It is a fruit that suitable to eat anytime. Hence, what are the health benefits of bananas other than being delicious?

There are lots of benefits contained in a banana. For dietary program, banana can be the best friend. It is good for helping weight loss program. The calories for a banana is 110. It is for medium sized banana or about 126 gr.

what are the health benefits of banana

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Here are Some Health Benefits of Banana:

– Potassium for Heart Health

Banana is rich in potassium. It will help to regulate and improve electricity flowing throughout the body. It is important to keep the flowing well to keep the heart rate and beat. Thus, you can avoid cardiovascular problem by consuming banana regularly.

– Natural Anti-Depressant

Banana contains tryptophan which will be converted into serotonin in the body.

It will help to elevate neurotransmitter so you can deal with depression or mood swing. There is also vitamin B6 which benefits to help you sleep better. The magnesium is also found in banana that can relax your muscle.

what are the health benefits of bananas

– Weight Loss

What are the health benefits of banana? If you’re on diet, banana will be the best friend to help you succeed with your dietary program.

The minimal calories of banana is just 90. It contains soluble fiber which can absorb water and help to slow digestion. Hence, you won’t get hungry easily. You’ll feel full for a longer time. So it can avoid you from snacking.

– Vitamin A for Better Vision

Banana contains vitamin A which benefits for eyes health. The vitamin A properties contained in banana are beta-carotene and alpha-carotene.

By routine consumption of banana, it can avoid you from night blindness. A banana with 6 inch size contains 10 micrograms of vitamin A. It might be small amount but it’s significant for your eyes health.

– Prevent Cancer

Banana also contains antioxidant phenolic which benefits to prevent from kidney cancer. Several studies have evidences that regular banana consumption with proper amount will help to cut the risk of kidney cancer.

With lots of nutrients in banana, we cannot say that its just monkey’s source of food. Human needs banana to improve health. Thus, if you’re asking what are the health benefits of bananas? It has so many benefits that you can count on.