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Mangosteen Side Effects You Should Aware

Mangosteen Side Effects You Should Aware

Mangosteen is fresh fruit which now becomes more popular because it has been known to be nutritious. However, lots of people are also curious about mangosteen side effects that might appear to be harmful for health.

Today, you can get mangosteen extract in drug store. It is said to be very effective in maintaining health and also cure some disease like cancer. The antioxidants contained in mangosteen can fight against free radicals which the main cause of immune system problem.

The most powerful benefit of mangosteen taken from the pericarp or rind. It is the red and smooth covering around the white pulp. The taste of it is bitter but it’s the source of Xanthones.

The benefits of xanthones are:

  • Improving cardiovascular health
  • Antiviral
  • Anti-biotic
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Powerful antioxidants

As the mangosteen extract keeps developing, is there any side effect which harm body? Let’s find the answer.

Even though lots of people claim that mangosteen benefits for health, it’s still need further research so it’s not only the benefits known but also the side effect. Drinking mangosteen juice is found to have side effect such as Lactic acidosis. This possibility of mangosteen side effect is the condition when lactic acid accumulates abnormally in the bloodstream.

Lactic acidosis can be known from the symptoms like nausea, shock or weakness. When you get such symptoms, you should call doctor or medical provider to seek for help.

Actually, there is no other significant side effects appeared or reported after using mangosteen treatments. However, you need to be aware of any possibilities like allergic since it’s a plant.

Another thing that can lead to side effects is the use of mangosteen together with your medification. If you are now taking medification from your doctor, you should consult about your intention on taking mangosteen treatments.

It is important to know if there any drug interaction that can lead to harm your health instead. Certain drugs might not suitable to be consumed together with mangosteen extract. Hence, talk to your doctor or phsycian to prevent any harmful effects.

To lessen the possibility of experience mangosteen side effects, you should talk to the health care provider about your condition or if you suffer certain disease. Even though it’s herbal, mangosteen extract is not recommended for nursing mother or pregnant women.

That’s why, it is essentially important to discuss and let the health care provider know about your condition. Therefore, they can decide whether or not it’s good for you to take the mangosteen extract.

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