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The Right Fertilizer for Guava Tree

The Right Fertilizer for Guava Tree

Guava is fresh fruit which has habitat in the tropical area. It is delicious fruit come in white or red flashed with thick peel that is also edible. Guava is usually made into juice and it contains vitamin C and antioxidant which benefits for our health.

For you who grow guava tree in your backyard should know how to care and what fertilizer for guava tree. The tree is quite sensitive to frost and cold because it’s typical of tropical plants.

Hence, you need to grow the guava tree properly so it can produce much fruits that you can enjoy.


What You Need To Know About Guava Tree 

  • The size of guava tree is varied but it’s short in average. It has wide canopy and sturdy trunk. The tree can produce many delicious fruits.
  • The soil for growing guava should be the one with good drainage. Basically, the tree can thrive in any soil. However, it should have enough sun exposure.
    If the tree gets full sun, it will help to get better flowering. As the result, the tree will produce the fruits massively.
  • Growing guava in United States requires extra protection especially from cold because guava tree is sub-tropical to tropical. It may survive from cold wind or frost but only in very short periods.
  • Fertilizing guava tree can be done every one to two months when it’s young and you can increase fertilizing three to four times per year.
    Keep fertilizing in that period as the tree matures. The right fertilizer for guava tree are phosporic acid, nitrogen, and potash in high amount. Magnesium can be added to get optimum production of the fruits.
  • The formula for fertilizing the soil is 6-6-6-2 of phosphoric acid, nitrogen, potash, and magnesium. Fertilizing the soil should be done in growing season and growth period of guava.
  • Watering should be done after planting in frequent times. Once the tree gets matured, you just need to keep the soil moist. There is no special treatment to this tree. You can treat it like other fruiting trees once it established.


Furthermore, caring for guava tree will include many thing. Soil, eater and fertilize are the three most important elements you should pay attention.

However, fertilizer for guava tree doesn’t need to be exclusive. Just pay attention on the formula and the right time to fertilize it. Then, the tree will grow healthily and produce more fruits. Hence, you can take the fruit and eat it raw or made it into fresh juice.

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    My guava tree does not bear any fruit! After 7 yrs it had 9 guavas and this year only one! What do i need to do?

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