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Dragon Fruit Plant Care Tips For You

Dragon Fruit Plant Care Tips For You

Enjoying the fresh white flesh of dragon fruit in the afternoon will make you feel alive again. Or, drinking fresh smoothies made of dragon fruits will be just perfect to face the day.

The sweet, crunchy and tender flavor of dragon fruit cannot be resisted. It will be much more amazing if you can take the fruits anytime in your backyard.

If you have had it already, you should know dragon fruit plant care. Here I’m going to share it with you how to take care of dragon fruit plant so it will grow healthier and produce much fruits.

Dragon fruit is kind of cactus plant which has ability to grow very fast in suitable area. It can grow very long about 20 feets and more. This fruit has been cultivated all around the world because it has great ability to adapt with variety of climates and soil.


Here are Some Tips About How To Take Care of Dragon Fruit Plants:


Although the dragon fruit plants need soil with dry conditions, but it remains necessary water to help the plant physiology processes.

Watering begins on the 10th day after planting or in accordance with the conditions of the land. If the soil is too dry then should be watered. Watering does not need too much because it will make the stem rotten.

The frequency of watering is different between the vegetative stage and generative. In the vegetative stage the watering is once a week until the age of 6 months.

When the soil is too dry, the frequency of watering can be done once in 5 days. While during the generative phase, the frequency of watering is once in 10-14 days. The best time to water is in the morning or late afternoon.

At the time the plant produces flowers and fruit, watering should be reduced so that the growth of new shoots become slow then stop. Stop the watering if there is a sign of the flower buds growth. If the flower buds become increasingly apparent then you can do the watering once in 2 weeks.

When the fruit is growing as big as a fist, although it skin is still green and slightly reddish, then watering is stopped until the fruit becomes old enough. The sign is the tip and base of the fruit slightly wrinkled and hard.

Dragon fruit plants can store water, especially during the dry season. However, although the dragon fruit plants is similar with the cactus plants that resistant to drought, but lack of water will make it difficult to bear fruit.

You need to water it when it’s nearly dry. Then you have to keep the humidity, so it can grow properly. But, don’t water it too much or your plant will just die.

To give the best dragon fruit plant care, make sure that you use right container (if you use it instead of ground soil). The container or pots should have drain holes for the roots to breathe.


Sun Exposure    

It’s cactus plant so it needs much light. 80-90% of sun exposure is perfect. Hence, avoid to place the plants in shady area because they like the light a lot. Make sure that they get enough sun exposure to stay alive.

Soil Type  

Soil is one of the most crucial element in the matter of planting. To make dragon fruit plant grow well and strong, you have to plant it in the well drained soil. It is cactus plants so it hates wet or mucky soil. Hence, make sure that the soil is well drained for better growth.

There are lots benefits delivered by dragon fruits. Started from the flesh to the seeds, they contains important properties and substances that will help to improve the overall health system.

When you got dragon fruit planted in the backyard, make sure that you search for dragon fruit plant care. The best treats to the plant will make it grow stronger and longer. Besides, it will produce more fruits to be eaten raw.

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