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Nutritional Value of Dragon Fruit that will Amaze You

Nutritional Value of Dragon Fruit that will Amaze You

Dragon fruits are getting popular because of they are delicious and interesting in look. Another name of this fruit is pitahaya blanca. However, most of people all around the world call it as dragon fruits. Indeed, the look of this fruit is similar to dragon.

Because of the popularity, lots of people search for nutritional value of dragon fruit.

The thick flesh and tiny black seeds are just tempting to be eaten raw or made into fresh smoothies. There are three types of dragon fruit that you can find. They are white fleshed, yellow fleshed and red fleshed dragon fruits.

nutritive value of dragon fruit

Let’s find out the dragon fruit’s nutritional value:

1. Vitamin C

There are 21 mg of vitamin C per serving or 100 gr of of white-fleshed drgaon fruit. It can fulfill as much 34% od daily intake. It is moderate amount but it is three times more than vitamin C in carrot.

Vitamin C is important because it has ability to improve immune system. Besides, it can remove heavy metals and toxins from the body. And what’s so special about vitamin C is it can help to beautify the skin.

nutritional value of dragon fruit2. Fiber

Another nutritional value found in dragon fruit is fiber. In a 100 gr of serving, there are 3 gr of fiber.

Hence, it can fulfill as much 12% fiber recommended fiber daily intake. Besides, the tiny black seeds which appears around the flesh are also beneficial to improve digestive system.

They contain laxative properties or polyunsaturated fatty acids which have ability to deal with constipation.

3. Calorie

Calorie is one of the nutritional value of pitahaya blanca. You will find 60 calories per 100 gr serving. For your information, drgaon fruits don’t have complex carbohydrates. The 60 calories made by several elements.

8 calories from protein, 18 calories from unsaturated fat, and 34 calories from carbohydrates. Hence, it is safe to eat raw and fresh dragon fruits for those who are on diet. It can help to lose weigh effectively as long you eat it in proper amount.

Dragon fruits benefits for your health and it’s good to eat them regularly. They have no trans fat or cholesterol. The calories are moderate and the fiber is quite high. Thus, nutritional value of dragon fruit is exceptionally powerful to boost up the health of your body.

You can maintain your health by controlling blood pressure through daily intake of dragon fruit. One of the most amazing benefit of dragon fruit that will amaze you is its ability to fight against cancer cells.

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