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Jackfruit Nutrition and Amazing Health Benefits

Jackfruit Nutrition and Amazing Health Benefits

Another treat of tropical fruit is coming, jackfruit. Yes, jackfruit is tropical fruit offering sweet flavor from the bulbs. The smell is strongly delicious even from distance. On top of that, jackfruit contains lots of nutrients which benefits our health.

No wonder that people search for jackfruit nutrition facts to see if the health benefits are true. Jackfruit is popular in Asian countries. It is said that jackfruit comes from mulberry family. The outer side of this fruit is thorny. The size is quite big with the bulbs inside.

Jackfruit can be eaten ripe or unripe. Ripe flesh can be eaten directly while unripe flesh can be made into delicious dishes. Besides, the seeds are usually boiled for snacks. There is also jackfruit seed nutrition that will amaze you.

nutrition of jack fruit

Jackfruit Nutrition: Let’s find out the nutrition contained in this tropical fruit:

– Jackfruit nutrition : Calories

Jackfruit contains 90 calories per 100 gr of fresh ripe flesh. Besides, it contains sugar (sucrose and fructose) which can be converted into energy source.

– Jackfruit nutrition : Antioxidant and vitamin C

Jackfruit contains high amount of vitamin C and antioxidant which can help improving immune system and also fight against free-radical and chemical which harmful for body. It will be able to resist and prevent from infectious objects. Antioxidant is a good fighter to block cancer cells, and also able to prevent premature aging.

jackfruit nutrition

– Jackfruit nutrition : Potassium

Potassium is also found as jackfruit nutrition, making it able to maintain electrolyte and fluid level balance. Therefore, your heart rate can be controlled and you will have normal blood pressure.

– Jackfruit nutrition : Dietary fiber

Dietary fiber found in jackfruit is high, making it the best laxative agent. Hence, it can maintain digestive system and will be able to improve digestion.

– Jackfruit nutrition : Jackfruit seed nutrition

The seeds of jackfruit is also nutritious. It contains fiber and resistant starch. Thus, it will help you to lose weight effectively. Besides, it can improve digestive system and control blood sugar. Hence, you will be able to avoid heart disease and high blood pressure. You can boil or roast the seeds and eat them for snacks. It taste like nuts and it will help for weight loss.

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Since it’s tropical fruit, it is quite hard to find fresh jackfruit in United States. Jackfruit usually comes in canned fruit. Therefore, it has less nutrition than the fresh fruit taken from tree. Hence, when you have chance to visit Asian countries, don’t forget to have a taste of the sweet bulbs of jackfruit which rich in benefits.

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