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More Than Delicacy, Cacao Beans Nutrition

More Than Delicacy, Cacao Beans Nutrition

Who hates chocolate? Nobody does. Chocolate is like food made of heaven. It’s been a long time that people found chocolate as powerful moodbooster.

However, it is also important for us to know about cacao beans nutrition. It is the foundation of any chocolate products you see in the supermarket.

Besides being extremely delicious, cacao beans are also nutritious. It has also another name ‘foods of the Gods’. For your information, cacao beans are seeds. Cacao itself is a tropical fruit which has variant taste offering unexceptionally rich flavor.

cacao bean nutrition

Here are The Nutrition of Cacao Beans You Need To Know:

– Calories, Fat And Fiber

In one ounce of cacao beans contain 130 calories. Besides, the beans also contain 12 gr of fat.

The 7 gr of it is saturated fat. The best thing of cacao bean is it has no trans-fats and cholesterol. The fiber is considered rich which is 9 gr of dietary fiber. It also contains protein as much 4 gr per serving.

– Antioxidants

People believe that dark chocolate has lots of benefits because the antioxidant. However, raw cacao beans nutrition facts proves that it has more antioxidants.

It benefits to fight against free-radicals which can harm body. Besides, calcium and iron are found also in the beans. Moreover, it contains magnesium as much 76 mg per serving (one ounce).

cacao beans nutrition

The Effect of Cacao Beans for Body

Chocolate has been known for moodbooster. Is it true or not? Yes it’s true. The composition of dark chocolate which basically made of cacao beans has ability to stimulate body to release endorphin.

For your information, endorphin is a good property as anti-depressant. Therefore, you will have more positive mental health so you can avoid mood swing. You will feel more relax because it also contains dopamine and serotonin to ease depression.

Besides, cacao beans has been found to be effective in reducing high blood pressure. It will also improve circulation so you will have better blood flow in your body. Thanks to polyphenols found in cacao beans so you can avoid cardiovascular problem. As the result, you will have better heart health.

Cacao beans nutrition can become your energy booster because it promotes alertness. That’s why it can have the same effect as coffee. However, coffee has the effect of strong crash afterward while cacao beans don’t. By knowing all the facts of cacao beans, you might just love chocolate more. However, dark chocolate is better than other products which usually contain much sugar.

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