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Planting a Peach Tree From Seed

Planting a Peach Tree From Seed

If you love peach fruit but the price is rather expensive, you would be better to plant it by yourself. There are many benefits from planting a peach tree in your own garden.

First, it will give you more peaches than you want to buy at the store. Then, you may sell it and get money from it. It is a good investment, isn’t it?

Get the seed germinate

Peach tree planting from seed is not as hard as you think. Although it needs several technics, it is challenging and possible for you to get success planting it. The first thing you need to prepare is peach pit.

After you cleanse the flesh, you can do cold treatment or stratification to get it germinates. Soak the seed in the water for an hour or two, place it in a plastic bag and put it in the refrigerator with the temperature between 34-42 F./-6 C. Avoid it from apples and bananas because those all will spoil peach pit.

planting a peach pit

Plant the sprout

If you want to germinate the seed inside your home, you need to follow these steps. You need a bright light room. Provide a pot and best soil mixture to grow the pit. The soil must be light and full of organic matter.

Then, you need to ensure that the soil is moist, not wet, 6 pH; to avoid the pit die easily. After that, you may cultivate the sprout in the depth of 3-4 inch in the middle of the pot. Water it only when it is dry. Finally, wait until the sprout grows.

Then, if you want to plant it directly in the garden, the stages are not too far from the indoor seedling. What you need to pay attention is only for the soil. The soil should be moist, and get balance compost.

Then, the soil should be in 6 pH. Watch out of squirrels! They like to dig the plant and take away the pit. Accordingly, you need to mark the plantation area and spray the plant with special spray. As you must keep the plant moist, you need to cover the top of the plant in the winter or rainy season.

planting a peach tree

Treat the plant well

You need long time to make it flower and fruit. However, patient is the key of success. Accordingly, you need to wait the tree day by day by treating them well. Cut of the dry stem around the tree.

Do not feel bored to compost it! Do it regularly to make it flowers and fruits quickly. Do not forget to keep away the insect that will ruin your peach by spraying insect pesticide.

Finally, you will see its growth and feel its sweet in the end. This tree will fruit for several periods so you will get many benefits from only planting a peach tree from its seed by your own attempt. If you get numerous failure in the first, that is normal. Nonetheless, your possibility of success is opened widely.

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