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5 Steps for Pineapple Plant Care

5 Steps for Pineapple Plant Care

Growing pineapple plant by your own can be interesting. Since the process is easy, the treatment is now very simple.

After you have planted the crown on a pot, now you are ready to treat it until it bares the fruit. With proper care, the pineapple plant will produce quality fruit. Surely this is something that you want.

These Five Steps For Pineapple Plant Care, Inform You How To Treat Your Plant Easily

pineapple plant care

1. Do not often to water it

This plant is different to other fruit plants. It does not need much water. As the pineapple is from Bromeliad family, it is unnecessary to water it regularly.

Although, it is the same like cactus but it needs soil benefit to grow. So, you can do it once a week or at least when the soil is too dry.

2. Manure the plant every month

For pineapple plant care, it is also required to be composted. It is different to other Bromeliad plants which do not need fertilizer. Use a balance, water-soluble fertilizer and apply it according to the directions.

If the plant is less than 6 months, you may pour it to its leaves. However, if the plant is more than 6 months, you must pour the compost to the soil. This way will prevent the leaves from burning.

3. Spread the mulch around the pot

Pineapple plant also needs mulch to control the soil pH. The function is also to make the soil moist and cool. You can use shredded bark as the mulch. Spread it 8 inches from the stem to avoid the root of the stem.

4. Stick the pineapple if it is lopsided

You can stake bamboo or wooden to soil of the plant in order to stand the plant. Use soft garden twine to stick it. Do not use wire or nylon to stick it because it will ruin the growing plant.

pineapple tree care

5. Chase away mealybugs

Mealybugs is an insect that usually lives in pineapple plant. It is look like cotton. We can chase them away by spraying insecticidal soap to the top of the plant.

After you wait for around a year, the fruit will appear. You can harvest it when the color turns to yellow and the size is big enough.

The time to bare a fruit is different according to the climate and our pineapple plant care. On the other side, planting pineapple plant can be challenging and exciting if we can grow it until we get the result.

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