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Nutrition Facts of Mango You Should Know

Nutrition Facts of Mango You Should Know

Mango is a tropical fruit producing sweet and sour taste. Other than its delicious taste, nutrition facts of mango has benefits for our health. This is a very friendly fruit for diet.

As you know that those who are on diet will always crave for sweet treat. Thus, mango is the right choice to enjoy. In one cup of mango, there is just only 100 calories. How wonderful it is. For your information, there is neither fat nor sodium contained in a mango. That’s why lots of people are saying mango as superfruit.

There are many factors that make people fall in love with mango. The taste, the fragrance, the nutrients, and everything about mango is just super. No wonder it’s hard to find people who don’t like this fruit. The size and shape of this fruit is different based on the cultivar types. Mango has been cultivating all around the world.

mango nutrition facts

Lots of people who are on diet ask how many calories in a mango. It has been stated above that one cup of mango contains 99 to 100 calories. There is no fat, sodium or cholesterol. Thus, it is safe to consume mango while on diet. Indeed, it is beneficial to drink mango juice or eat ripe mango for daily snacks.

To make you more fall in love with mango, here are the nutrition facts of mango:

– Vitamin A

This fruit is rich in vitamin A. In 100gr of fresh mango, contains 765 IU. It means that it has 25 % of vitamin A recommended level for daily.

Besides, there is also beta-carotene, alpha-carotene, and also beta-cryptoxanthin. The collaboration of those nutrients results in high antioxidants. It benefits for our eyes, skin, and lung health.

nutrition facts of mango

– Potassium

Mango is also rich in potassium where the 100 gr of mango contains 156mg of potassium. It benefits cell and body fluids which can influence the quality of blood pressure and also heart rate.

– Vitamin complex

Mango is the source of varied vitamins such as vitamin B-6, C, and E. Vitamin B-6 benefits for brain health. Besides, it also benefits for blood vessels. While vitamin C benefits for resist any infections and free-radicals.

Mango is super fruit which benefits for our health. You can eat mango in many ways. It can be served as it is or you can make it to another dish. The most important thing is mango nutrition facts is essential. Thus, it is good to consume it even everyday.

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