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What to Consider on Mango Tree Care

What to Consider on Mango Tree Care

Mango is everyone’s favorite fruit. It is type of tropical fruit that will always be delicious made into any kind of dishes. The taste of sweet and little bit sour makes it so fresh for the body. Instead of buying from the market, why not trying growing a mango tree.

For you who have already had mango tree, it is also important to know more about what to consider on mango tree care. By knowing all caring stuffs, you will get a strong tree along with delicious mango fruit.

Mango tree is a tropical and sun-tropical plant. Thus, you’re very lucky if you’re living in those areas because you can plant mango tree and take mango form your garden. Hence, if you have planted mango tree in the backyard, the next step is to take care of it.

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Here are what you need to consider for mango tree care:

– Water     

As any other plants and trees, water is one of the most important element that will bring them to live. You need to water the tree deeply because mango has deep and long root. Hence, make sure that your mango tree has enough water everyday.

However, you need to let the soil surface dry before you water it again. Irrigation does matter to make the tree grow strong. You need to withhold irrigation two months until it’s flowering time. You can resume it when the fruits start appearing.

– Fertilize     

You can also fertilize the tree for better growth. It’s enough to fertilize it with nitrogen fertilize. You can do it three times a year. It’s quite simple to fertilize mango tree, isn’t it?

mango tree care

– Prune     

It is also important to prune the trees to get rid off of weak stems. By doing it regularly, the tree will have stronger scaffold. Thus, the branches will be strong to produce the fruits. However, make sure that you don’t remove fine and healthy stems. Just remove unhealthy plant material of the tree.

– Pests and disease problem     

Pests and diseases are always come around the tree. Thus, you need to watch them from disturbing the growth of the mango. You can solve this kind of problem using organic pesticides. It can also be removed by horticultural oils.

Those are basic guides what to do with mango tree care. The benefits of having mango tree at home are many. You will have a lifetime harvest season of fresh mangoes. You can use the tree as a shade for having a picnic or just relaxing body to get fresh air.

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