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Digging Out Mango Health Benefits

Digging Out Mango Health Benefits

Aside from being delicious tropical fruit, mango health benefits will surprise you as well. For you who like eating ripe mangoes, you need to know their nutrition facts and health benefits.

The flesh of mango contains various nutrients. The peel is also said to be nutritious because it contains phytonutrients.

Here are several benefits of mango that you might haven’t known:

– Fight against cancer cells

Everyone knows that cancer is killing disease which can attack whoever. No matter what ages or color, cancer is always dangerous.

Mango contains high antioxidants which can fight against cancer in the body. The antioxidants properties are isoquercitrin, fisetin, gallic acid, methyl gallate, quercetin, and astragalin.

health benefits of mango

– Best friend to weight loss    

Mango also benefits for weight loss because it contains low calories. For one cup of fresh mango, the calories is just about 99 to 105. It is also rich in fiber so it can improve digestive problem.

– Improving vision     

Other mango health benefits are improving vision and make eyes healthier. Mango contains high vitamin A which is good for eyes health. It can also solving dry eyes problem and it can prevent you from having night blindness.

mango health benefits

– Improving immune system     

Mango contains vitamin C which can help to improve immune system. Vitamin C can resist any free radicals and also harmful object causing infection. Therefore, it will help to make you stay away from having flu or cold.

For you who might ask ‘are mangoes acidic?’ The answer is no. Mango is considered as alkaline foods instead of acidic ones. It is good to absorb nutrients well and reduce illness factors.

– Strengthen memory and concentration     

Mango has glutamine-acid. It is protein which is important to memory and concentration. Thus, consuming mango will help improving memory and strengthen memory. It is good to consume mangoes regularly so you’ll have better brain performance both for working or studying.

– Improving digestive system     

Mango is rich in fiber so it can help improving digestion. Fiber is the enzyme that has ability to break down protein. Its pre-biotic dietary fiber, minerals and also vitamin will help you to solve digestive problem. Thus, consuming ripe mango will eliminate toxin in the body.

As one of the most widely consumed fruit in the world, mango is not only popular but also contains health benefits. Wherever you go, it’s not hard to find this yellow fruit. Mango health benefits are worth to know and you should start liking it. Enjoying fresh mango as a snack is very indeed healthy.

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