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The Three Easiest Ways for Growing Pineapples in Pots

The Three Easiest Ways for Growing Pineapples in Pots

Pineapple is one of the most favorite tropical fruits in the world. The sweetness taste and the much water contained give refreshment to our body.

It also has many benefits to our body. On the other hand, planting pineapples is easy. It can be cultivated everywhere, even in a pot.

Here are Three Simplest Ways to Plant Pineapple in Pot

Get The Pineapple Crown

There are two facts how to plant pineapple. First, growing pineapple is not from seed like other fruits, yet it is grown from its crown.

Moreover, pineapple plant will not grow taller as more fruits because the plant is short and surrounded by long prickly leaves. Therefore, growing pineapple in pot can be the proper media since it does not need much land to grow.

growing pineapples in pot

The crown of pineapple is placed in the top of pineapple fruit where there are many small prickly leaves. To get a good sprout, you need to have a fresh ripe pineapple.

There are two ways to get pineapple crown. Firstly, you can hold and twist the crown until it is separated to its fruit. Otherwise, you cut off the crown using knife. Then, you cut several leaves below the crown in order not to block the growth of the root.

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Grow The Pineapple Sprout

Next step is to root the crown. Also, two methods are offered to root the crown. First, you may dry it to get the root of the crown. Or else, you can soak the below of the crown to the water and let it exposes to the sun shine, and then the root will be growing.

To avoid the dead of the shoot, you need to care it. If you use dry method, you may wrap it with wet tissue to make it rooting easily. Then, for soaking way, you must change the water regularly to avoid the growth of mold.

growing pineapples in pots

Prepare a Pot

After you get the sprout, you can take and place it to the pot. Prepare a medium pot; do not too small or too big. Then, provide a fertile soil and mulch to help your plant grow faster.

Treating pineapple plant is not hard. You have to only water it once a day. Afterwards, cut of the dry leaves around the shoot because this will influence other leaves to stop growing and make the sprout die. Wait until around six month to fruit. Finally, growing pineapples in pots is easy, right?

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