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What Are Nutrition Facts About Apples and Its Benefits for Body Health

What Are Nutrition Facts About Apples and Its Benefits for Body Health

Apple is one of fruits that is loved by everybody. Besides the taste of it is delicious and the shape is interested in eating, it also has many benefits for health body.

Of course, like the other fruits, apple contains many vitamins, minerals, and substances that are needed by our body. However, do you know nutrition facts about apples and the its health benefits more detail?

If you haven’t know about it deeply, let’s gain the information about it deeply below.

nutrition facts about apples

Do Apples have Vitamin C?

Apple contains many vitamins in it. Those vitamins are vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin K.

The first fact of nutrition about apples is that vitamin A that is contained in apple is useful for keeping your eyes health and helping to regenerate your cell.

Besides it vitamin C that contains in the apple skin is beneficial for building and keeping immune of body. It also can increase collagen production that is useful for skin health. Then, the content of vitamin K is beneficial for helping to accelerate blood coagulation process when you are injured.

Furthermore, skin of apple is enriched by strong phytochemical, like flavonoids and phenolic acids, that has function as antioxidants. These antioxidants can prevent free radical from any kinds of air pollution and the environment.

Phytochemical also can minimize amount of Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) that can cause stoppage in blood vessels.

By eating apple with the skin, you can ge the other benefits for your health because the skin apple also contains triterpenoids which will help you to resist cancer, such as liver, colon and breast cancer.

Next, what are the other facts of nutrition about apples? Yes, besides vitamins and antioxidants, apple also contains minerals that is needed by the body, such as calcium, potassium, phosphorus, D-glucaric acid, baron, and tannins.

Actually, calcium and phosphorus is beneficial for keeping bones and teeth stronger, while potassium can support cell, heart and digestive so it’s still have the good functions.

In addition, D-glucaric acid is useful for decrease and control amount of cholesterol within the body. Then, baron is beneficial for maintaining the amount of estrogen in a woman, while tannins are beneficial as mouth cleaner and freshener.

And then, the last nutrition facts about apples you must know is the content of fibers that are much enough in an apple. Fibers are beneficials for you who are undergoing a diet program because they will expedite digestive system and help to hold and delay hunger come.

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