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How are Pineapples Grown in 4 Seasons Region

How are Pineapples Grown in 4 Seasons Region

Pineapple is the tropical fruit which has numerous benefits to our body. In some countries, finding pineapple is hard and if there is pineapple, the price is quite expensive. However, growing pineapple, fortunately, is very simple and it can be planted everywhere, even in four seasons district.

Then, how are pineapples grown? And is there any special treatment to grow it? Here are the answers.

To grow pineapple plant, you need to have sprout pineapple. Take a ripe pineapple. Cut off the crown and clean up the flesh from it.

Then, reduce several bars of leaves round the crown to get it rooted. Place below of the crown in the water to get its root.

pineapples grown

Do not soak it all! The limit is where you cut the leaves below the crown. Let it root for a week. Finally, you get pineapple shoot which are ready to be the stalk.

After that, you can move it into a pot. It is better for you to put the plant in the pot first because it will save the plant from getting cold and die.

There are several treatments to keep it alive during winter. Because pineapple is the tropical fruit, live in the cold place will be hard for it. The plant needs much sun shine so putting it in the sun light exposure window is a must. Then, pineapple plant does not need much water.

Therefore, do not often water the plant and let the soil wet; just make it moist, at least water it once a week. When winter comes, put it away from cold temperature. You can place it into the transparent plastic bag and add several apples inside.

Rot apples helps the plant flower in the night because night is the time it flowers, approximately two weeks. Attempt to always have sun shine if there is sun shine, but open it first from the bag.

how are pineapples grown

Pineapple plant does not have problem with other seasons except winter. So, after passing winter, you can let it have fresh air and sun shine again. If the plant is big enough, you may move it to the field near your home. The plant will not be taller but bigger and wider due to its leaves.

Accordingly, you may put it in small area. One plant only can fruit one time. After you harvest it, the plant will die and you need to repeat the step above. Nonetheless, be careful with disease to this plant. Always provide a little mulch to treat the disease.

Finally, planting pineapple can be everywhere. How are pineapples grown? It is according to our treatment in winter because it cannot stand in low temperature. For the rest seasons, you just need to water it maximum once a week.

The easy treatment and plantation make this fruit popular to be grown for everyone. Beside it, the benefits of pineapple are also famous for several diseases. As a result, do not be worry to plant it on your home!

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