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Information of Sweet Corn Varieties

Information of Sweet Corn Varieties

Crunchy corn kernel is always be the best friend in summer. Sweet corn has high nutritional value that you can include it to healthy food to eat.

There are lots of sweet corn varieties that you have to know. Each variety has different taste and contents. Besides, the variety of corn has also different color started from yellow, orange, to semi white color.

Sweet corn consists of beneficial sources such as antioxidant, called carotenoids which effective to fight against free radicals and boost up immune system.

It contains fiber, and less sugar. Thus, it is good to eat corn for those who have digestive problems, or those who are on diet. Moreover, corn has also benefits in controlling blood sugar.

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Here are several sweet corn varieties usually planted and consumed:

– Open Pollinated

This variety has traditional flavor and it’s easy to grow. However, this variety can convert sugar to starch easily. Thus, you need to pick them in the right time.

– Sugar Enhanced

This variety has longer sweet durability at least for a week. The flavor is rich, along with tender texture. Hence, this hybrid variety is nice to try.

– Super Sweet

Another hybrid variety is super sweet which has sweet taste and crunchy kernels. However, it needs more care than other varieties in the process of planting to keep the sweet taste.

sweet corn varieties– Synergistic

This variety of sweet corn has both the benefits of sugar enhanced and super sweet variety.

This is one of the most favorite because it’s rich in flavor and crunchiness.

The best time to grow sweet corn is in early summer when the climate is warm.

The soil temperature is ideally 65 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s easy to grow sweet corn. You can plant them in the backyard.

If you have large garden, then it’s much better because corn needs plenty of space to grow. Furthermore, the main point in planting sweet corn is to harvest them in the right time to avoid sweet becomes starch.

Sweet corn is not only delicious but also beneficial for health system. It has less sugar than apple and rich in antioxidant. Furthermore, sweet corn is one of the healthiest foods you can take for your daily meal or snacks. You can make sweet corn into your favorite dishes.

Besides, planting sweet corn in your garden is good idea. However, choose sweet corn varieties that you want to grow before planting. So that the plant will produce sweet corn in accordance with your expectations.

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