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Type of Rice Seed for Planting

Type of Rice Seed for Planting

Rice consists of various types. To grow rice, it is important to choose rice seed for planting. Rice has latin name called Oryza Sativa. It has been consumed for a very long time and considered as the oldest grain.

Most countries use rice as staple food. However, Asian consume rice the most, especially white rice variety. The other rice types are brown, red, and black rice. Each has different nutritional value. Generally, rice consists of carbs and protein. The calories contained in rice for 100g per serving is 130. Brown rice contains high fiber while white rice doesn’t have any.

Demands of rice makes farmer keep planting rice. However, even if you’re not farmer, you can grow rice in your backyard. However, it is important to find rice seeds for planting. White rice consists of many varieties. They are:

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– Short Grain         

This type of rice is quite sticky and it has soft texture. The taste is a bit sweet and this type of rice is usually used for making sushi by Japanese.

– Medium Grain        

This rice is quite sticky as well as the short ones. The texture is tender and moist. When it cooked, the texture will get creamy.

– Long Grain         

This is the type of rice which has dry texture. It is also fluffy and lighter than the short grains. This is one of the most favorite rice.

– Aromatic Grain         

As the name stated, this type of rice deliver fragrance. It is also rich in flavour, making it delicious rice to eat. The famous variety of aromatic grain includes Jasmine, Basmati, and Japonica.

– Sticky Rice or Sweet Grain        

This rice, implies its name, has sticky and gooey texture. It usually becomes the main source for frozen rice products.

– Arborio Grain         

Arborio has chewy and creamy texture. This is type of rice usually used for making risotto. Italian dishes usually use this rice as well.

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In Which Season Rice is Grown?

Rice can grow in warm climate. It takes 3 to 6 months to grow. Hence, the best season is before summer comes. Hence, you can harvest the rice when the summer reach the end. It is best to grow rice in 70 degrees Fahrenheit temperature.

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The area for growing rice ideally warm with full sun exposure. The soil should consist acidic clay with enough water source. Thus, rice seeds for planting can grow well.

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