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Rice Plant Information and Growing Process

Rice Plant Information and Growing Process

Rice is one of the most important foods in the world. Most of countries make it as the source of daily carbohydrate needs, particularly in Asia. Hence, people keep growing rice to meet their needs.

Then, rice plant information is needed. Rice can be planted in your home backyard garden, bed or buckets.

Therefore, you can grow rice on your own so you can enjoy delicious rice with your family.

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Basic Rice Plant Information

Here are some steps you can apply for rice growing process.

– Choose Seeds You’d Like To Plant

There are lots of rice varieties you can choose. White, red, brown, black rice, everything is available at the stores. Or you can buy directly from farmers.

The variety of rice includes kind of grain type such as long, short, medium, sweet, arborio, and aromatic grains. It is important to choose grains variety because each has different texture and fragrance which can influence your taste.

Thus, it’s better to consult with agriculture officer near your place to help you finding out the best grains to grow at your backyard.

– Best Soil For Rice Growing

The best soil to grow rice is soil with acidic clay. Besides, the water supply should be arranged well. You have to prepare the drainage as well so it will be easier to drain the water when the time to harvest comes.

The area you’ll use for planting rice should have full sun exposure. The best temperature is about 70 degrees Fahrenheit. It takes 3 to 6 months for rice to grow until it’s ready to harvest. Warm season is the best weather because rice will grow well in warm area.

rice plant information– Planting Preparation

For planting preparation, you have to soak the seeds in the water. It needs 12 hours to soak them.

Meanwhile, you can prepare the area for planting rice.

You can remove weeds around the soil and make a way to drain water.

You have to flood the water for the beginning of planting process.

– Planting and Caring Process

You can plant the seeds when they are ready to the flooded soil. While waiting for the seedlings to grow, you have to keep the soil moist or wet for better growing. You can add organic compost to the soils to germinate seeds.

Regularly, keep checking the water level of the soil and make sure that it’s still wet enough. When the seedling grow taller or about 7 inches, you can space them out so they will have more space to grow and not being too crowded.

– Rice Plant Information :: Maturing and Harvesting Process

To be matured, rice plant will grow to 17 inches tall. It takes 3 to 4 months for the rice plants to grow matured. Hence, it’s time for you to drain the water and let them grow until they turn to gold rice plants.

It takes about 2 weeks for the green rice plants to turn into gold ones and it will be sign that they are ready to harvest. You can harvest them by cutting the stalks.

Afterwards, dry the stalks for about 3 weeks so they will be easier to bake. Furthermore, you can bake them in 180 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. Then, cool them down and separate the kernels from the hulls until they are fully separated and clean.

Rice products you plant yourself are ready to cook. You can store them for later use as well. It’s easy to grow rice even in your backyard. Rice growing process can be fun to do with your family. However, remember to seek for rice plant information before you grow them in your garden.

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