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What You Need to Know About Rice Growing Season

What You Need to Know About Rice Growing Season

Rice consists of many varieties. Black rice, brown rice, white rice are examples of rice products. Tasty rice isn’t made in a night. It takes lot of process until it’s ready to serve.

If you have time and place to grow rice, it must be fun to grow rice yourself.

Here are what you need to know about rice growing season.

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– Type of Rice Seeds

You can purchase any of rice seeds from the store or farmers. There are many types of rice such as short, medium, long, sweet, aromatic, and also arborio grains.

You can choose which one of them that suits your taste.

– Place to Grow

Rice is usually planted in dry areas or the ones that have enough sun exposure. Besides, the place has to be a soil rich in water and you have to make or provide irrigation for the water.

You can use your home backyard to grow rice for yourself. If it’s too dry or too wet, you can adjust the soil by adding organic matters. Temperature is also important for rice to grow well. The ideal temperature is 70 degree Fahrenheit.

– Ways to Plant

After all preparation has ready, you can start planting the rice by placing the seeds in the beds until it becomes seedlings (it takes about a month). Then, move the seedlings to the prepared soil.

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– Flooding or Watering

It is important in rice growing season to make the soil flooding when the seedlings just planted. You can drain the paddy if the plants have reached 15 inches tall and switch to flooding it again regularly day and night.

Make sure that the irrigation system works well in making the soil wet enough.

– Harvesting Season

After waiting for about 3 months or until the rice becomes gold then it’s time for harvesting season. You can do this process with your family because it’s so much fun. You can cut the stalks but don’t cut it too short so you won’t lose any of grains.

Then, dry them for about two to three weeks. Furthermore, take out all the grains from the stalks. Then, bake them for an hour in 180 degree Fahrenheit temperature. They will turn into darker gold grains.

– Make It Ready to Serve

After baking process, you should let them cool. Furthermore, rub them until kernels and hulls separated. Hence, your grains are ready to cook. You can cook the rice anytime and serve it to your family. Sounds great, isn’t it?

As one of the most important grain on earth, rice has been grown since a very long time ago and lots of methods have been developed. You can grow it yourself in the backyard. It will be challenging yet fun to do with family.

In the process of rice growing season, you can enjoy the time to take care of your planted rice with your family. When it’s ready to harvest, you and your family can enjoy the taste of rice made by yourself.

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