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Tips About Growing Corn From Seed

Tips About Growing Corn From Seed

Corn is healthy food which contains lots of benefits for human. Who doesn’t like enjoying the kernels of corn which are sweet and cripsy? Guaranteed that everybody likes corn no matter what dish it made into.

But have you ever thought of growing corn from seed yourself maybe in the empty backyard?

It’s not such a bad idea, isn’t it?

However, let’s dig out the benefits of corn first before revealing the tips.

growing corn from seeds

Here they go:

♦ Corn is rich in antioxidant which is beneficial to prevent cardiovascular problem

Antioxidant is also able to fight against cancer cells. Besides, it can help improving immune system.

♦ Corn contains high fiber

It is beneficial for digestion and effective for weight loss. That’s why, it is often that those who are on a diet consuming corn for snacks or to replace rice. It can increase the numbers of friendly bacteria in the intestine as well.

Here are Some Tips About Planting Corn From Seed:

growing corn from seed– Type of Corn

There are many types of corn started from red, yellow, purple, blue, to white corn.

Different type of corns influence the soil and temperature needed for planting and growing process.

Each type also has different purpose. Some are used for human daily consumption, and some are used for animal’s food.

– Time and Place

The best time to grow corn is between May and June. The best place is the area which has enough sun exposure. Thus, choose open wide area for growing corn.

Then, the soil should be rich in nitrogen with the temperature about 60 degree Fahrenheit. For better soil quality, you can add it compost about two or four weeks before planting process started.

– Start Planting

You can start planting by putting two to three seeds under the soil’s surface. Don’t put them too deep. It’s enough to place them in 1-2 inches under the soil’s surface with 24 to 36 inches apart for each plant.

– Watering method

You need to water the plants regularly with moderate amount of water. You should water the plants from the under part instead from the top part to avoid plant’s pollen removal.

The plant with good watering system will result in high quality kernels. Then, wait them to grow for about a month or until they develop tassels.

– Harvest time

You can harvest the corn when the kernels fully packed. Fresh corns are ready to be made into your favorite dish. For sweet corns, you can even enjoy them directly because they taste good and sweet.

Corn has been favorite food all this time. From kids to elders, they love corn in any form. It taste good and will blend with any kind of food composition. It can be made into desert, main course, or appetizer.

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Beside its savory, corn is also healthy. It can boost up your immune system and prevent any disease to come. Hence, it is worth to try growing corn from seed by yourself because it doesn’t need much preparation or details.

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