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Ways for Growing Beets from Seed

Ways for Growing Beets from Seed

Beet has been popular for its benefits for human health. That’s why it becomes more and more famous everywhere. Today, people consider on growing beets from seed. It said that growing seeds in the backyard garden is even possible.

Beet contains lots of nutrients needed by body to stay healthy. It can prevent cardiovascular problem, improve metabollic system, increase cellular membranes function, and many more.

Beets are quite easy to grow and they can be planted twice in a year. Spring and fall are the best seasons to plant beets. They can grow in any regions as well.

types of beet

– Choose the Seed

Beet consists of many varieties that you can choose. There are four types of beet in general.

They are Chioggia, Burpee Golden, Early Wonder Tall Top, and Detroit Dark Red beets. Those have different colors and growing needs.

– Soil

The best soil for growing beet from seed is cool soil. The ideal temperature is about 50 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

Frosty soil can make the beets tough, so it’d be better to plant them when the winter is over. If you plan to plant beets in the fall, then you should wait until the temperature reach 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Then, choose soil which no rocks under it to give some space for seeds to grow. The soil should get enough sun exposure and rich in potassium.

growing beets from seed

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– Planting and Maintaining Process

You can soak the seeds before planting them into the soil to make them easier to grow. Then, make row on your garden then put some seeds under the soil surface.

Then, water them regularly to keep the soil moist. To maintain growing process, you can remove weeds around the seedlings.

– Harvest Time

There are steps you should do in harvesting. First, harvest the greens. You can cut them using scissors when they are about 2 or 3 inches tall. However, leave some greens for the beets to keep growing.

Then, when the beets are about 1 to 3 inches in diameter, you can harvest them. You can pull them out or dig them out using hoe. It’d be better to let the leave intacted so they’d be lasts longer.

– Beets Care

You have to remove dirts from the beets using cool water. Remember not to bruise them because it will change the taste. If you want to store them for longer time, you can keep them in the storage. They will last for few months.

For your information, the greens or the leaves of the beets are also edible and delicious. People say it is similar to spinach in the matter of texture and taste. Hence, you can add green beets for salad or soup.

Baby greens are better than the mature ones. Hence, everything from beets are useful and beneficial. It is such a great idea to grow beets in the backyard garden of your home.

Moreover, you will feel the health benefits from them. As you see, growing beets from seed is quite easy to do that it deserves a try.

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