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Duku Fruit and Its Differences with Lanzones

Duku Fruit and Its Differences with Lanzones

Have you ever heard about duku fruit? It is fresh fruit from Asia, specifically South East Asia like Philippnise, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand.

Those are countries which produce duku the most. This fruit is included into Mahogany family. Besides duku, it has another name called Langsat or Lanzones.

The difference between duku and lanzones is quite significant. The difference is  visible from its physical matter. Duku is usually has bigger shape than lanzones but they are identically similar in taste and color.

Both is the same fruit, containing much antioxidant. Duku fuit consists of lots of varieties influencing taste, colour, and shape.

duku fruit 2

Physical Appearance

Duku fruit has round, oval and elliptical shape. It is different based on the variety of duku itself. The color of the skin is yellowish or similar to outer look of potatoes. The skin is usually thin and easy to peel.

Duku is usually bounded in clusters, making it has similar look with grapes. The inside of duku consists of several pieces. In each piece there is black seed. It taste very bitter, meanwhile the flesh itself tastes good, offering sweet and sour refreshment.

duku fruitNutritional Value of Duku Fruit

Duku has high nutritional value and benefits human health system. It contains antioxidant called carotene.

It can protect the cells from medical problems or disorder.

Thus, it can help body to prevent any disease due to free radicals and other causes.

Besides, duku fruit is good source of fiber which can improve your health. It can prevent your body from serious health problem like cancer.

It is also often that people use the seeds for ulcer medication, and the skin for diarrhea medication. Even the herbalists make a pasta from the seeds to cure intestinal problems, and reducing fever.

Duku consists of protein as well as carbs and minerals which are needed by your body to stay healthy. Duku surprisingly consists of calcium which can improve bone health and iron to cure anemia.

There are various of vitamins contained in duku such as vitamin A, B, C, and E which are good to maintain eye and skin health. Besides, vitamin complex can help improving your immune system so it won’t get easily distracted by free radicals.

Another Benefit of Duku Fruit

Duku fruit has benefits from the overall part. The skin of duku can be dried. Then, you can burn it to get rid off of mosquitos. The benefit of duku as mosquito repellent had been known for a long time ago.

However, it sounds new for you who just heard duku. Other than mosquitos, duku can repel other insects as well that always fly around the house.


People always confuse to distinguish duku and lanzones. You will know the difference between duku and lanzones that can be seen by their size. Duku is bigger than lanzones, along with thicker skin, smaller seeds, and thicker flesh.

About the tree, duku has bright green leaves with bigger crown than lanzone’s.  Lanzone has darker green leaves and the flesh is more watery.

However, lanzone cannot travel well because it cannot last longer after being picked from the tree. This fruit only lasts for few days. The longer you store lanzone, the skin will get blacken eventhough doesn’t change the taste.

With lots of benefits from duku, you must be wondering on how it taste. It is the best to enjoy duku fruit once they are matured. The sign of matured duku is the color of the skin which is light brown or yellowish.

Young duku has green skin and they taste sour. Furthermore, it is the best to eat duku right after they picked from the tree to gain the freshness.

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