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How to Make Corn Plant Blooms

How to Make Corn Plant Blooms

Corn plant is one of house plants which has latin name Dracaena Fragrans or another name Dracaena massangeana. There are other genus of corn plant which suitable for indoor contents.

The most interesting part is when the corn plant blooms.

It can be exceptionally beautiful. If you are interested to grow corn plant in your home or office, you should know information about it first.

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Here are Some Benefits of Corn Plant:

♦ It smells good and can remove odor with its natural fragrance.

However, some people consider the fragrance too strong. Thus, some people don’t like the smell.

♦ It has beautiful leaves.

They are shiny and good looking. Those leaves are able to remove any toxins trapped inside the building.

♦ Corn plant doesn’t require much care.

That’s why it’s grown in the office as well. People with busy activities also grow them at home.

Corn plant has several varieties. There is Ti Tree variety which has stem with brown texture. Another variety has green stem. You can choose the one that you like the most, or you can choose both.

Other than the two varieties above, you can choose the other two varieties at shops. If you are unsure what to choose, you can ask the shop owner to choose which one is suitable for you.

No matter what variety you take, it needs the same care to make corn plant blooms which is considered easy to do.

corn plant blooms

Place and Watering         

To grow corn plant, you need to put it in the place with light shade. It is not recommended to put them in too bright place because the leaves will scorch. Otherwise, too dark place is not suitable either. It will make the leaves small.

The stripe or motif will be different than the original corn plant stripe.

The ideal temperature for corn plant to grow is above 60 degrees Fahrenheit. You should avoid frosts because it’s not suitable for corn plant’s growth. You need to regularly water the corn plants.

However, don’t do it till flooded or overly wet. You just need to keep the soil moist enough. You can reduce the frequency of watering in Winter because the soil in winter usually turns to moist. Corn plant doesn’t need much feed. You can feed the plants in Spring and Summer. Skip the feed in Winter.

Thus, to make corn plant blooms is quite easy, isn’t it? Now it’s time for you to try to grow the plants.

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