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Black Rice Benefits for Health

Black Rice Benefits for Health

There are varieties of rice plant that you know. White, red, brown, and black rice are varieties that you find at the stores. However, black rice is the rarest amongst all. Black rice benefits for health, and it’s full of needed and important nutrient.

It is also known as forbidden rice. In ancient Chinese tradition, black rice is only allowed to eat by the royal family. That’s why it’s called forbidden rice. Because regular society cannot enjoy black rice freely.

However, people can enjoy black rice today. You can find them at stores but its existence is quite rare. It’s a bit hard to find black rice. Since 21st decades, people keep demand on black rice because of its valuable benefits.

It’s said that the benefits can even beat brown rice, which has been popular whole grain, and even other whole grains. Moreover, its benefits are rich and it has similar benefits as berries family does.

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Black Rice Benefits for Health You Need To Know

Since the urges of black rice benefit are getting intense, here are some information of black rice that benefits your overall health:

black rice benefit– Benefits from Antioxidant  

Black rice contains antioxidant called anthocyanin. It is stored in the bran hull of the outer layer of black rice.

The antioxidant of black rice is said to be the highest of all foods.

The color of black rice which shows purple or deep black color is the indicator of highly contained antioxidant.

It is similar with berries family which has deep color as well. Deep color is always be the indicator for antioxidant. The deeper the color, the richer antioxidant be.

With this high antioxidant, black rice has the ability to prevent several health problems like heart disease and cancer. Besides, anthocyanin antioxidant can help to improve memory system.

Antioxidant is a good fighter for any chronic disease. It can kill cancer cells and tumors, remove bad cholesterol, and improve blood flow. Hence, heart health will be improved which will give good impact to the overall body.

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– Benefits from Fiber

Like other whole grains, black rice bran plays important role as the source of fiber. This is good news because rich in fiber food can help improving metabolic system. It can protect digestion and prevent digestive problems to come.

Hence, it is good for diabetics or those who are on diet to consume black rice. It has the ability to slow down sugar absorption because of the fiber. It can help to absorb glucose longer.

– Benefits from Minerals and Vitamin  

Black rice benefits for health due to its rich mineral and vitamins content. Iron is type of mineral contained in the black rice which is beneficial to improve health system and restore the function of liver.

Black rice contains vitamin E as well and it’s good for skin and eye health. Besides, black rice has lower sugar level comparing with berries which said to have identical phytochemical properties.

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With black rice benefit, it is strongly recommended that you start considering to eat black rice. You don’t need to eat them every day if you’re worried about your apetite because the taste is not as delicious as white rice. You can eat black rice three times a week to gain its benefits for your health.

Today is different from yesterday. Ancient times, black rice can be enjoyed only by the royal chinese family. Today, everything is limitless where everyone can eat what they want and what they think is beneficial for their health. As black rice benefits are getting more recognized, why not you include it to your well-balanced and healthy diet.

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