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How to Grow Best Pomegranate Tree

How to Grow Best Pomegranate Tree

People keep developing the way to grow best pomegranate tree. With the best tree, it will result in best pomegranate quality.

Pomegranate contains lots of super substances which powerfully beneficial in improving health, preventing risk of disease, and increasing immune system. Are you interested in planting pomegranate tree?

Here are some benefits of pomegranate to remind you of how important this fruit is.

  • Lower risk of heart disease
  • Fight against cancer
  • Improving metabolic system
  • Control blood pressure
  • Improving blood flow
  • Curing diabetes (especially type 2)

best pomegranate tree-purple pomegranate

Here are some factors to consider in order to grow pomegranate tree.

Choose the Variety and Ways To Grow

There are many varieties of pomegranate. Regular variety will grow to 8.2 feet tall. Dwarf variety is best to grow in home garden or containers because it will reach to 3.2 feet tall only.

Another variety is beautiful variety which able to produce beautiful flowers as well.

Besides, you need to choose the way to grow pomegranate. Three ways are cutting, seedlings, and seeds. The hardest way is seed growing because it takes long process. You can buy seedling at the stores. You can also ask for cutting from friend who owns best pomegranate tree.

best pomegranate tree-white pomegranate


It’s best to take the cutting in February. You only need to cut a branch 25 cm. Then, you should prepare the soil. It should be well-drained or sandy soil.

Pomegranate also can grow on acidic or alkaline soil. Make sure that the place for planting has enough sun exposure and warmth. The best time to plant pomegranate is in early spring.

Planting Process

When the soil is ready, along with the best temperature and comfortable place, it’s time to plant pomegranate.

For seedling-based planting, you just need to remove the seedling from the container and place it under the soil about 60 cm depth. For cutting-based planting, you have to plant the cutting vertically into the soil at 25 cm depth. The dormant buds should face to the top.

best pomegranate treeCaring Process

It is important to water the pomegranate plant as soon as you plant it.

When it grows new leaf, you can assure that the plant grow well.

You just need to continue on watering every week.

You can do deeper watering as the flower and fruits come out.

However, you can reduce the frequency of watering when it rains. You can add fertilizer on the first year of its growth. You should remove all weeds around the tree. You may remove dead parts of the tree for better growth.

There are lots of health benefits coming from pomegranate. That’s why it is important to grow best tree to produce best pomegranate. As it has been known for one of the most wanted fruits, pomegranate is increasingly cultivated all over the world.

It is one of the 14 cultivars which is able to grow in United States. Growing best pomegranate tree isn’t that hard. You just need to follow basic maintenance and care so it can grow well and producing pomegranate with high quality.

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