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Benefits of Brown Rice for Health

Benefits of Brown Rice for Health

Lots of people talk about benefits of brown rice. They are even arguing which one is healthier between brown rice, white rice and black rice. To tell you the truth, brown rice is absolutely much better than white rice. Why?

White rice has gone through some process which can reduce its nutrients. Refining process happened to white rice making it looks more delicious and healthy. However, white rice is lack of important nutrients for our health.

The nutrients brushed out from white because of refining process are vitamins, magnesium, iron, zinc, and many more. Due to reduced nutrients, people enrich it with additional nutrients which is not the natural ones.

With this fact, it is hard to say that white rice has met the standard of nutritional minimum for daily serving reccomended by FDA.

However, it doesn’t mean that you should avoid white rice completely. White rice is tasty and you still can enjoy it. If it’s compared to brown rice, white rice is few steps behind in the matter of nutrients and benefits. Therefore, it is better to take brown rice for daily meals.

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Here are Some Benefits of Brown Rice for Your Health:

benefits of brown riceBrown rice doesn’t go through all refining process like white rice does. It still has bran and hull, that’s where all nutrients being kept.

It delivers full nutrients of rice that is needed by your health systems.

– Prevent from disease to come

Brown rice contains selenium which is beneficial to prevent any disease such as heart disease, cancer, and so on.

Selenium helps to fight againsts harmful things inside the body. That’s why it’s important to consume foods containing selenium like brown rice.

– Effective for weight loss

Brown rice is also rich in fiber which is 14 times more than white rice. Fiber helps body to brush out fats and bad cholesterol. Besides, it will help body to get better digestion.

And the most valuable thing is it can make your stomach hard to be hungry. It still feel full, making you able to control your food consumption.

– Good for bone health

Brown rice contains magnesium and mineral which are needed by bone to grow well. Besides, it can act as anti-inflammation and protect bone to stay strong. Hence, you can give your children brown rice as well at least twice a week.

– Get healthier hair and skin

 Brown rice has antioxidant which is very beneficial for skin to stay young and health. It can also help body to fight against cancer cells. Brown rice also contains 12mg zinc which is good for hair and skin. So you can avoid having acnes on your face.

 If we talk about the brown rice benefits, it will never end. This is one of the healthiest food on earth and it’s good to consume brown rice regularly. If you think the taste is not as tasty as white rice, you can eat it at least twice a week. You will see the difference feeling in your body.

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