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Easy Growing Mushrooms Indoors and Their Health Benefits

Easy Growing Mushrooms Indoors and Their Health Benefits

Mushroom is healthy food usually eaten as addition to any diet. It contains low calories and fat but in contrast, high in fiber and potassium.

Mushrooms are available everywhere. It’s not hard to find them because they are already popular. In fact. They are easy to grow at home. So why not trying to grow mushrooms instead of buying?

Growing Mushrooms Indoors

The first thing you need to consider before growing mushroom is type of mushroom. There are many varieties of mushrooms you can grow. However, there are three types of mushrooms which are the easiest to grow. They are Shiitake, oyster, and white button.

Those are three of popular mushrooms which have been used for daily eating. After deciding what type of mushroom you want to grow, it’s time to buy mushroom spawn. It is kind of sawdust which is permeated with mushroom mycelia.

shiitake mushrooms

Hence, people use it as plant seedling for mushroom to grow. Another option is spore. However, spawn is better than spore. If you grow mushrooms using spore then it will take more times. It’s not suitable for indoor growing.

Next step is to sterilize the growing medium. It is important to sterilize growing medium before inoculating with the spawn if you are about to grow the mushroom in sawdust. It is done to kill microorganism from the growing medium before it receives mycelia. The way to sterilize it is to place the growing medium in a bowl then put it in the microwave for about 2 minutes.

oyster mushrooms

Next, spread the mycelia into the growing medium then mix them together with the spawn. Then you need to heat it by baking it with ideal temperature at 70 F. Heat will make the mushroom grow fast. Finish baking, then you must leave it in a dark environment for about 3 weeks for mushroom mycelia to permeate the growing medium.

After three weeks pass by, then it’s time to place it in the proper place with dark and cool environment. You can cover it with soil and water it until it’s moist enough. Keep the mix moist and cool as it grows and water it periodically. Then you just need to wait until harvest time. It is shown when the mushroom caps are fully separated from the stems. You can harvest them by using knife and cut at the base of the stem.

varieties of mushroomsVarieties of Mushrooms

Mushrooms consist of many varieties. Here are several varieties you need to know if you are mushrooms lover and bored of having the same mushroom everyday.

Some mushrooms are poisonous and others are edible. These are edible mushrooms used for daily consumption:

  • White agaricus mushrooms or Agaricus bisporus; buttons, cups, flats mushrooms.
  • Brown agaricus mushrooms or agaricus bisporus; portabella and Swiss brown.
  • Specialty mushrooms; chestnut mushrooms, enoki, king brown, white fungus, white oyster, wood ear, yellow oyster.
  • Wild mushrooms; Pine mushrooms, slippery jacks.
  • Dried mushrooms

Mushrooms Health Benefits

Not all good nutritients coming from colorful fruits and vegetables. Unlike other colorful veggies or fruits, mushrooms come with dark color like white or brown. However, it doesn’t mean mushroom lack of nutritients. It contains nutritients which are good for maintaining our health, such as:

white button mushrooms


Mushroom contains high antioxidant which can be used to prevent cancer. Besides, it contains useful mineral, which is selenium. This mineral helps to detoxify cancer-causing.

Vitamin D        

Mushrooms contains vitamin D which can help to contribute in the regulation of cell growth cycle. In addition, mushrooms also contain folate which is important for DNA repair.

High in fiber         

Mushrooms are rich of fiber. By consuming one cup of grilled mushrooms mixed with one cup of shiitake you will get 3 grams of fiber which can prevent from type 2 diabetics.

Potassium and vitamin C        

Mushrooms also contain potassium and vitamin C which has contribution in keeping cardiovascular healthy. It also contains low sodium which is useful to regulate blood pressure.

Mushrooms contain all beneficial nutritient needed by our body to keep healthy. By consuming mushrooms regularly, our immune system will get better. Hence, our body will automatically be able to fight against serious health problem like cancer or tumor.

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