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Growing Herb Garden Plants in Pots– It Isn’t as Hard as It Seems

Growing Herb Garden Plants in Pots– It Isn’t as Hard as It Seems

We don’t need a majestic garden to grow beneficial herb garden plants. Most of them are suitable enough to grow in pots and containers as long as we provide them with the best-growing environment.

Importantly, the plants require sufficient amount of direct sun. When we grow these plants indoor, we need to find a spot which has the most sunlight. We shouldn’t give too much fertilizer on these plants and we need to give water appropriately as well.

Some herb plants require dry environment while others prefer moist soil. It means that we need to choose the best soil for the herb garden pots. Use a particular mix of soil with the best drainage and sufficient space for roots to develop.

Requirements to Grow Herb Garden Plants in Containers

Most of herb plants will grow well in the pots for years if we provide an appropriate size of pots for them. The pots should have a good drainage too. Preferably, we need to use plastic pots. Clay or ceramic pots are prone of cracking from bad temperatures, especially in the winter.

To survive harsh temperatures, we can lift the plants and input them in our garden. It’s to provide enough time for the plants to grow during winter. Later, we can take them back into the pots. The most important part is that we really understand what kind of plants we are growing.


Perhaps the gardeners have different reasons why they want to grow herb plants in the pots.

Mostly, they want to take advantages of any available spaces inside the house for gardening. It’s great for us to grow herb plants in containers or pots.

Before growing herb plants in pots, we need to decide what kind of herb and what kind of pot we may use. Big pots and scented herbs are good choices, but they are too heavy.

Basically, we need to determine what kind of herbs to grow in pots depending on our available space and purposes.

Reasons to Grow Herb Garden Plants in Pots 

People grow herb plants in pots to decorate their patio and deck as well. Moreover, we can grow herb plants for the sake of culinary purposes. If we love to cook many kinds of dishes, we need to arrange some groups of herb garden plants for each dish.

For instance, we can grow basil, chili, and also cilantro in a container. They are good for Mexican Food. Thyme will be a good choice of herbs to grow for French cuisine. Well, what are popular herb plants to grow in containers?

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Popular Herb Garden Plants

When it comes to the popular herb garden plants in pots, basil becomes the best one. It’s quite well known as an annual herb in Italia. Basil may grow perfectly in a moist and fertile soil. This plant also requires full sun to grow best. Once the root system is grown, we don’t need to quite worry about the watering.


Well, basil also becomes a good match with thyme, parsley, and other common herbs when we grow it in a container or a pot. For petite pots, we can choose a particular variety of this plant. We can learn more about basil from the internet.

Next popular choice of plant to grow in pots is chives. It becomes one of the best herb garden plants with hollow and grassy leaves. We can grow this plant for their blooms and leaves instead of the bulbs. Moreover, we can take advantages of its pink flowers as well.


We need to plant chives in moist soil that contains several organic matters. This plant can tolerate shady area, but it will grow perfectly in full sun. In fact, chives grow well in pots and we can leave them outdoor without problems. It’s due to their compatibility to grow in zones 3 up to 10.

Don’t forget about cilantro. It also becomes one of the most popular herb garden plants to grow in containers. We also call it as coriander. This plant is popular due to its edibility of the leaves and ground seeds. To make it grow well in pots, we should use well-drained and moist soil.


Cilantro may grow perfectly in full sun although it can grow in shady area as well. Due to its long taproot, we need to use a pot that has at least 11 inches in depth. This kind of plant is useful as culinary and medicine.

tarragonherbplantsAnother popular choice among all herb garden plants is tarragon. We can grow this well in pots. It’s a classic herb that has the origin in French.

Usually, we can use them as a seasoning for many types of food including fish.

The name comes from the French language for a small dragon. It also has a bold flavor. To grow tarragon in a pot, we need to provide sufficient exposure of sunlight.

This plant can grow in zones 5 to 9. Overall, it’s quite easy to grow in any size of pots so we don’t need to worry how to choose the pot in the market.

How to Grow Herb Garden Plants in a Pot

What do we need to know about growing herb garden plants in pots? Basically, herb growing in containers needs a good pot and a well-drained soil. We should use a pot that has 2/3 of soil mix. We can plant the herbs soon after we fulfill those requirements.

As a precaution, we need to water the herbs in containers frequently. In summer, we even need to water them more. Dry herb plants in a pot will be a bad issue for gardeners. Overall, we need a good pot, soil with drainage, and proper care of the plants if we want to get healthy herb plants in pots.

During the afternoon, the herb garden plants in containers should be removed close to the building. It’s to protect them from the sun. When placing them on the floor, we should be careful in watering as we may make the mess below. Moreover, we need to place some protective trays beneath them so there will be fewer messes around them.

In summary, even if we have a quite big space in our garden to cultivate herbs, we need to know the advantages of growing herb plants in pots. We can determine what kind of herb garden in pots to grow as well.

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