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Watermelon fruit: Big fruit, Big Benefits

Watermelon fruit: Big fruit, Big Benefits

Who does not like this fruit which is rich in water? Yes, watermelon is everyone favorite fruit especially in the middle of summer heat. It is sweet and refreshing.

Watermelon fruits are native plant of Southern Africa countries before widely spread to the tropical and subtropical country. The fruit of watermelon has smooth deep green to yellow skin with vertical stripes in the entire surface.

The internal part is red, yellow, or pink watery flesh with plenty of black seeds. You can describe the taste of watermelon as somewhat plain-sweet water with soft but crunchy flesh. There are plenty of watermelon fruits varieties with a various range of size, color, and the flesh color.


Planting watermelon from seeds

plantingwatermelonseedsTo grow watermelon, you have to provide lots of space with full sun exposure and good nutrient soil as well as high watering.

It is not too difficult to grow watermelon; however, the plants require lots of care attention.

Therefore, it is not advisable for the beginner gardener.

Furthermore, watermelon is not a good option for those who have limited space, water supply, as well as average soil condition.

Watermelon can be considered as a greedy plant for space; it grows as rambling vines similar to other curcubiteae families such as squash, pumpkin, zucchini, and many more. The best time to grow watermelon is during dry season since it cannot stand in soggy water as well as heat or humid temperature.

The wet condition makes them prone to fungal disease attack. For those who live in cooler climate; the best time to grow is summer. You need to grow the watermelon in a sunny place with good water supply and nutritious soils. Remember to grow in spacious place as watermelon tends to grow wandering.

Watermelon generally grows from seeds; you can choose the fresh seed or buy in the stores. For your information, the wide selling watermelon seed can be the hybrid which you will not know the true variety.

Watermelon seed is very easy to germinate; you can see the seedling after few years. The watermelon seedling do not like transplant, so, you have to decide the fixed place before planting. If you have small space, you can plant the watermelon with the help of strong trellis to hold the fruit, not the plant.


Is watermelon healthy for you?

Watermelon is a natural source of vitamin A which is powerful anti-oxidants. It is very beneficial to maintain the skin health as well as protection against several diseases such as cancer. More about the anti-cancer substances; watermelon also contains other flavonoids antioxidants such as lycopene and carotenoids which are powerful to fight harmful free radicals.



Moreover, watermelon is an excellent source of potassium in which can help prevent heart disease and control the blood pressure. Exceed other fruits such as melon and tomato; watermelon contains a high amount of lycopene which offers protection against harmful UV rays.

Regular consumption of watermelon can promote good health condition; therefore you can add this big fruit into your diet plan.

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