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Thyme Herb Plant – Let’s Learn about It!

Thyme Herb Plant – Let’s Learn about It!

What do you know about thyme herb plant? It’s a popular evergreen herb with ornamental, medicinal, and culinary uses. The most usual type is Thymus vulgaris. Thyme is one of the mint family, and it’s related to oregano.

Thyme seeds are quite tiny, so they must be sown shallowly or deep enough into the soil by using good layer sprinkled on top. It’s advisable to plant it in nursery bed where you must include much attention.

This method will provide more spaces to be used for early cropping. Plant the seeds in the seedbed in the beginning of spring with 6 inches of the drills. Aside from its easy-to-grow quality, we can take more advantages from this plant.


Many Advantages of Thyme Herb Plant

benefitsofthymeoilWhat are thyme health benefits?

Basically, it becomes good remedy of cough, asthma, and phlegm.

Aside from its health benefits, we can use thyme either dried or fresh for other purposes.

Thyme leaves are usually used for flavoring. You can use thyme herb plant for flavoring sausages, sauces, soups, dressings, and other dishes.

All part of this plant is fragrant due to its high volatile oil concentration.

It’s similar to olive oil that has grades of benefits of thyme oil with different distillation. The 1st distillation becomes the most desired and aromatic choice.

Any grades of thyme oils can be sued for soap making and perfumery. Some may use the crystal form of thyme herb plant oil as a particular use, such as disinfectant.

Some people take benefits of thyme tea. This herbal beverage helps people to heal respiratory problems. Boil some thyme leaves along with sugar and lemon. It’s quite delicious indeed as simple beverage.


We don’t need to visit herbal stores to buy thyme. In fact, we can grow this useful plant on our own garden. Is it that simple? Let’s discuss below.

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Growing Thyme Herb Plant

If you consider growing thyme herb plant in your garden, you should learn more about it from available tutorials and literature. It’s to ensure the success, proper growth, and finding when to plant thyme seeds.

When it comes to cultivate thyme plants, you should plant it no closer than 7 inches apart. 10 inches are recommended but one plant per square foot is maximum amount that you should take.

Young thyme plants should be prepared in the field or garden between June and July. It’s preferable during rain shower and damp ground. What’s about the propagation? Thyme should be propagated by dividing the roots. In fact, it can be done from seed in April.

The best and finest plants are grown from seed. However, you may obtain sweeter smells of lemon thyme when grown from root divisions or cuttings. You can see the video below about how to plant thyme seeds.


When it comes to harvest the thyme plants, you can choose either in early September or late August. If you have the need to dry the thyme herb plant, you should harvest it just as they come into bloom.

Thyme plants grow differently from each other. Use cloths, paper bags, and other imperative tools while cutting the tops. It gives more productive growth later. The harvesting should be done at noon. You can shake the plants to encourage the seeds to fall into the bags.


Next, collect the seeds and dry them on airy room. In winter or colder climates, mulching is advisable to do prevent freezing and undue thawing. During spring, dig the plants and divide them into different locations. It gives you the best results of cultivation. It’s not difficult to cultivate thyme herb plant, is it?

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