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Things to Know about the Calla Lily Flowers

Things to Know about the Calla Lily Flowers

Women love the beauty and fragrance of calla lily flowers. The calla lily is a unique and beautiful flower. It’s odd because calla isn’t even a lily and it belongs to poisonous Araceae family. People recognize it as the Arum lily so they can call the both names.

Actually, the flower has different meanings for us. The real meaning of the calla lily is a beauty. It represents a woman in any part of it. However, this kind of flower is quite popular as a resemblance of the death. We can find it at funerals as well. In this case, we need to learn the overall meaning of this plant before handing it to somebody.

Basics about Calla Lily Flowers 

The nice thing that we can learn about calla lily flowers is that they will bloom in years. They are actually perennial and evergreen plants if we can grow them properly. Usually, the plant will grow tall up to 3 feet. We can easily spot this flower due to its large leaves and very dark stems.


What’s about the flower? It’s quite beautiful yet simple. We can even say it as the most stunning flower among other plants. The flower has pure white color with a bright yellow part within. As we can see, there’s no way we can’t recognize this plant out there. This plant stands out among the others.

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Calla Lily Flowers – the Uses

We can use calla lily flowers for many purposes. We can find this flower among bouquets. However, we need to understand that the flower is expensive due to many reasons. It’s not only because it doesn’t grow easily in any places, but it also has many meanings.

Calla lily is popular during funerals as the symbol of death. Some cultures remain to use this flower as the resemblance of condolences. Therefore, we need to think twice before giving it to those who really understand the meaning behind the flower. It’s true that calla lily has a dark meaning. Recently, modern society seems okay with this kind of meaning.


Why do we need to grow calla lily flowers? Importantly, we can gain the main advantage of this plant due to its beauty.

However, there’s something that all of us need to know. This plant is poisonous! Calla lily contains Zantedeschia which can harm people and animals.

It’s a stupid idea to eat this flower raw. It’s a common defense mechanism for the flower so that it will stay alive in the wild.

What can happen to use if we accidentally eat the plant?

We may experience many symptoms including lips swelling, burning sensation, stomach pain, and many more. In some countries, the calla lily is considered as a pest and toxic instead of a beautiful plant. 

Growing Calla Lily Flowers

It’s a common thing that most of us want to grow calla lily flowers in the garden. Once we are able to grow them, the next important part is the caring phase of planting calla lilies.

Growing a calla lily isn’t difficult. We may face troubles when we take care of the plant, though. This plant is quite tough so we don’t need special cares.

callalilyflowersHowever, we must include nutritional amendments and healthy soil for the plant to grow.

Although the plant is famous and considered as weeds, it doesn’t mean that we can let them grow wildly without a proper attention.

If we want to get beautiful calla lilies on our backyard, we should spend extra efforts and time to take care of them.

Watering comes as an integral part to take care of calla lily flowers. This plant has the origin in a tropical area, so we need to include much water during the growing season. It doesn’t tolerate dry condition well. Either we water the plant frequently during the hot season, or plant it on a specific spot with an abundant source of water.

If we have a small pond in the backyard, it becomes a perfect spot to plant the flowers. Remember, calla lily always requires much of water to grow. If we plant it near to ponds, we can provide sufficient amount of nutrients for the plant. A good choice of fertilizer will do the entire task.

For those who live in moderate temperature, calla lily flowers will bloom in a year. We can achieve this with a proper care and some efforts. Our calla will take advantage from nutritional boosts once a year.

However, we need to add more nutrients for the plant to grow perfectly in a year. We can give fertilizers bi-monthly in regular amount. Thus, the plant will grow without suffering pressure.

Don’t over-feed the plant. There’s a symptom of over-feeding such as burnt leaf edges. It’s the sign of an excessive nitrogen intake. We need to provide sufficient sunlight exposure for the plant to bloom. The plant requires more nutrients if it doesn’t receive enough sunlight.


Well, calla lily flowers also come with bulbs. We often call them rhizomes. A bulb that we plant in the soil will spread gradually and has the potential to dominate the entire part of the garden. It means that we need to stop this condition before worsening. We should dig up more bulbs and replant them.

We can also give extra bulbs to friend or family. It’s an important task to do as the plant won’t stop producing new bulbs magically. We need to split them once a year in proper ways. Overall, we should monitor everything while the plant grows. Otherwise, we only get the disappointment.

Actually, we can also grow calla lily flowers in pots. When growing this plant in a pot or a container, there rules will be different.

Basically, we need to provide lots of water and more efforts of calla lily plant care. Yet, we may need more water for potted calla lilies. It’s due to the reason that the water will disappear quickly in the pot.


Moreover, we also need special fertilizers for this plant. We should reduce the amount of fertilizers for the best growth. Regular replanting will be necessary to avoid the increase of toxic soil. We should replace the soil yearly so the plant will grow healthier and more beautifully. As a result, the potted plants need more attentions from us compared to regular calla lilies.

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