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Kiwi Fruit: Your Choice for Fruit Options

Kiwi Fruit: Your Choice for Fruit Options

Kiwi fruits are sweet fruits which widely cultivate in New Zealand and California. To plant kiwi fruits, it is required a mild winter place which hardly has long frozen winter.

However, you can still plant kiwi even though you have cooler climates. You just need to pick the proper variety. Growing kiwi fruit requires lots of space since it can spread quite wide until 20 feet. Thus, it can perfect for fence plant.

The kiwi plant is not a self-produced plant; therefore you need to make sure that you have both male and female plant. It does not need to have exactly one male and female; one male plant can pollinate until eight female plants.

In order to produce fruit, kiwi prefers soil with good drainage and full sun coverage. Right after you plant the kiwi transplant, you have to water them until it takes hold and after that you can reduce the water schedule as it likes well-drained soil.


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Is Kiwi a Fruit?

Kiwi is a great fruit for most of culinary purpose; it is good for salads, smoothies, and many other. Other suggestion, kiwi is also great to eat by itself as you can get the plenty of health benefits from the fresh fruit.


Where are Kiwi fruits from?

This fruit is also known as the Chinese national fruits. Kiwi fruit is native to southern China and was firstly brought to New Zealand in early 20th century. In New Zealand, the commercial planting is begun. From New Zealand, kiwi spreads all over the world and grows as commercial scale in several countries.

Kiwi fruits Health benefits and nutrition

kiwifruithealthbenefitsIt is undeniable that kiwi has high nutrients as it promotes good health enhancement.

Consuming kiwi fruits, as well as other fruit and vegetables, is believed to associate with reduced risk of serious diseases.

The phytonutrients substance in kiwi is believed to be able to protect DNA in the nucleus from harmful free radicals.

More about the antioxidant level in kiwi; this fruits is the excellent source of vitamin C which is good to neutralize free radicals that trigger certain diseases including cancer.

Vitamin C is a good natural substance that boosts the immune system as well as reduces the risk of death due to heart disease, cancer, and stroke. The collagen in the skin has the strong relation with vitamin C; therefore kiwi also promotes good skin texture.

The high fiber in kiwi is also able to control as well as reduce high blood cholesterol level, heart attack, and heart diseases. The high fiber helps to bind toxic in the colon and prevent colon cancer.

Moreover, fruit and vegetable which is high in fiber such as kiwi prevents constipation as it has a mild laxative effect. According to a study, regular consuming of kiwi fruit can promote good sleep in which improve the efficiency and duration of sleep in adults.

No wonder if kiwi helps reduce and control the blood pressure as it is a rich source of potassium. Some research found out that certain chemical compound in kiwi function as blood thinner which helps prevent blood clotting as well as prevents from strokes and heart attack.

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