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Is Jicama a Fruit? Let’s Learn about It!

Is Jicama a Fruit? Let’s Learn about It!

Learning about jicama fruit can be daunting and intimidating. Well, is jicama a fruit? If you haven’t recognized all types of vegetable and fruit, you can’t classify this type of plant.

Jicama has quite big form. People use to recognize its taste which is crunchy, juicy, and downright. They tend to eat more jicama in any different methods. Well, let’s learn more about this plant and figure out its health benefits.

Basically, jicama is a wonderful nutty tuber that has sweet and juicy taste. It’s perfect to eat raw. You can cook its white flesh in crispy texture. Some people call jicama as a savory apple.

Where can we find it? Usually, local farmer markets provide this type of plant in abundant amount.

However, is jicama a fruit? There’s still a big argument about it. Whatever it is, you can easily find jicama in local supermarket, especially in Latin and Asian markets. When eating jicama raw, you need to peel it with papery skin. Don’t ever peel it with regular veggie peeler.



A safer and better choice will be a chef’s knife. Cut it in thin slices from the top to bottom part. After peeling, you need to make straight down cuts at the widest part of jicama. The flesh of jicama is white, so will it brown fast? No, it doesn’t.

Jicama Health Benefits – What Are They?

There are many jicama health benefits. One of them is to help us with better digestion system. Jicama contains high dietary fiber. It may help to reduce the risk of constipation. Jicama is also rich of a special soluble fiber, namely oligofructose inulin. This imperative carbohydrate doesn’t easily metabolize into sugars.

It means that diabetic patients can take advantage to eat sweet food without suffering fluctuation in their blood sugar. Jicama is sweet food that’s edible for those who have diabetes. It means that they can enjoy sweet food without worrying the increase in the blood sugar level. Plus, the taste is good.

Among any jicama health benefits, the most imperative one will be as immune system booster. Jicama is rich of vitamin C. This food fulfills your daily ascorbic acid requirement. In fact, it’s an important part to increase immune system as well as to stimulate body’s protection against diseases.

Consuming jicama helps us to improve the defense against diseases and illness. We are able to battle viral and other troublesome diseases by improving vitamin C dosage to our body.

jicamahealthbenefitsMoreover, it contains abundant antioxidant that helps us to fight cancer.

It fights free radicals in our body. Its abundant level of vitamin C is useful to increase metabolism and battle common illnesses. 

Jicama is rich of potassium, so it helps us to fight blood pressure issues. Among other jicama health benefits, blood pressure management becomes one of its advantages.

It helps us to manage blood circulation, since the plant can reduce both arteries and blood vessels’ tension.

In the end, it can help us to fight troubles on our cardiovascular system. Potassium is also important to maintain the balance of fluid to oppose sodium inside the body. It will make us stay hydrated during our daily activities.

Better circulation also becomes one of jicama health benefits. Abundant amount of iron and copper in jicama helps us to obtain healthier circulatory system, since they are imperative elements within our red blood cells. Without iron and copper, we are prone to anemia.

In fact, our organs always require oxygenated and fresh blood to function properly. We can also boost our brain function by consuming jicama. This plant has good amount of vitamin B6. It may increase our cognitive capabilities and brain function. B6 is useful to break down proteins into amino acids. We may option the best metabolic processes due to its effect.

Well, what are the other jicama health benefits? Do you want to obtain stronger bones?

Minerals in jicama help us to increase our bone density. Iron and manganese are important to build stronger bones. They also heal any damages on the bones. Due to its advantage to increase bone’s strength, we can fight well against osteoporosis.

Next health benefit will be better weight management. Jicama becomes a good low calorie diet that’s important to reduce weight. Jicama can be your best snack to reduce curb cravings and appetite, without sacrificing any nutrients.

Important Nutrients in Jicama

We need to learn about nutrition in jicama as well. Importantly, jicama has good amount of calories and macronutrients. A cup of this food consists of 4.5 ounces weight that contains no fat and 50 calories.

It has sufficient amount of carbohydrate that helps us to increase energy and protein, without worrying of getting fat. Jicama has 6.5 grams of fiber/cup. It’s been 16% of recommended daily intake of fiber for men. Overall, fiber is very important for digestive system. It helps to lower cholesterol levels as well as promoting weight reduction.


A cup of jicama offers abundant amount of vitamin C. It fulfills almost 40% of daily requirement of this substance. It also helps us to manage blood pressure and fluid balance. After learning about nutrition in jicama, it’s quite imperative to know any possible uses of this healthy food.

Jicama can be combined with other veggies or fruits for salad. However, some of us love to eat it raw. Jicama tastes perfect with cucumber, watermelon, and other fruits. When it comes to serve jicama, we can start with a cleaning process. Wash it in cool water and dry it with a mop. We should use a kitchen knife to peel it.

Raw jicama tastes the best. It has sweet taste like an apple. In Latin America, jicama is served raw with lime juice and even paprika. While in Mexico, people use it as salad, soups, stews, and many others.

Both Malaysian and Indonesian call this fruit as bengkoang. They eat it with other fruits such as apple, mango, and many more. Well, is jicama a fruit? The answer is yes! In Indonesia, people eat jicama as a part of Rujak. Overall, it’s perfect to combine with any other fruits indeed.

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