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Grape Plant the Super Fruit

Grape Plant the Super Fruit

The grape plant is not only produced delicious edible fruit, but also the plant itself is ornamental. There are many people cultivate grape as bonsai and train it to get the attractive appearance. To plant grape, it is very important to choose the variety which is suitable for your season.

Then, choose the place to plant; generally grapes like loose and well drain soil which receives full sun exposure. It also requires trellis for growing. The right time to plant grapes is in spring.

Grape fruit

Grape is originally from Mediterranean and Central Asia. It has several different colors such as blue, purple, red, green, and golden. However, the original variety is the red and dark grape which is rich in natural antioxidants as much as blueberries and blackberries have.

grape fruit

Many people consume grapefruit in many ways; fresh, dried, juice, or fermented. For fresh fruit, many people more likely choose the seedless grapes.

Not only the fruit which contains plenty benefits; the grape seed also high in nutrients. The grape seed is extracted into grape seed oil which can reduce the risk of blood clotting. Besides, the young grape leaves are also edible and contain plenty health benefits.

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Grape juice health benefits

grapeplantMany studies show that daily consumption of fruits and vegetables can decrease the high risk or many serious diseases.

The same health benefits are also suspected in grape juice. Many studies link that grape juice has the same heart disease prevention as red wine.

However, grape juice still wins all the other benefits as it is can be consume for people from any age and conditions.

The grape juice is safe for children and people who are intolerant of alcohol; it is also excellent for people who are in diet as unlike red wine, grape juice is low in calories.

In general grape juice is a good natural source for vitamin B6, C, thiamin, and of course vitamin and minerals such as potassium and manganese. The essential benefit of grape juice is its ability to fight harmful free radicals due to the high antioxidants which is polyphenol flavonoids.

We all know that free radicals damage the body cells as well as promote diseases. Luckily, grape juice has the broadest polyphenol levels and highest antioxidant in general.

Grape juice helps lower the risk for blood clotting which can be the main cause of heart attacks. Studies show that drinking six to eight glasses of grape juice has the same benefit as two glasses red wine for anti-blood clotting.


The high concentrations of flavonoids prevent oxidations of bad cholesterol in the body. The antioxidants are able to slow or even prevent the growth of many cancers such as lung, mouth, esophageal, and many more.

The consumption of fruits which are rich of potassium is also linked with reducing high risk of strokes, prevent muscle mass loss, and the chance of kidney stones.

With plenty health benefits, be it fresh or juice, grape can be a good options for your daily diet plan.

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