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Basic Advantages of Rose Apple Tree and How to Cultivate It

Basic Advantages of Rose Apple Tree and How to Cultivate It

Do you know rose apple tree? Well, it’s quite popular one in Southeast Asia. The fruit is juicy and crispy. In fact, the plant is very easy to cultivate. It can tolerate poor and cold hardy soils, which makes it popular among gardener.

Those who ever visit Southeast Asia have recognized this popular fruit. Perhaps they have tasted it at local fruit markets. The rose apples fruit is widely known as jambu. The flesh of this fruit is softer than an apple. It has a soft rose scent and taste as good as an apple. As the popularity increases, more gardeners try to cultivate rose apple on their garden.

The rose apple tree doesn’t resemble an apple at all. The tree has general height of 24 ft or more. The plant has shiny and leathery leaves that have the size of 8 inches in length and 2 inches in width. The flowers of this tree are regularly beautiful. Flowers may bloom from late frost through the early spring.

The fruit shape is unique with pink faint color. There’s layer of hollow in the middle of the fruit. It’s a unique fruit with its distinct flavor and juicy taste. This fruit can easily bruise and perishable. The fruits will spoil fast, so you need to preserve them soon after harvesting.

It’s due to its easy to grow aspect and health benefits, gardeners try to cultivate the tree in their garden. The rose apple tree is able to grow from seeds or from saplings. The approximate time for germination is 4-8 weeks. It depends on the variety of the seed.


We are going to discuss it later. First, we need to find out the health benefits of rose apples. There are many advantages of rose apples including diabetes protection, liver detoxification, lowering cholesterol level, removing infections. It’s both delicious and beneficial for our health. 

Health Benefits of Rose Apple

The rose apple fruits contain many nutrients such as calcium, vitamin C, potassium, and many more. There are also many organic compounds that you can find from this fruit. First things first, rose apple can give promising benefit to block and regulate sugar conversion. It’s important to reduce the risk of diabetes development.

roseapplefruitThere’s ongoing research about the impact of this fruit to human’s blood sugar regulation. Next, rose apple is useful to increase digestion quality.

It contains high fiber that makes it good to regulate food through our digestive system. We can avoid constipation and any related health problems.

Experts have been researching about the benefit of rose apple as promising cancer prevention. The positive compounds of the fruit have become effective cancer-fighting agents along with its vitamin A and C.

There’s a claim that rose apple fruit can reduce breast and prostate cancer in human. Also, this fruit has become popular due to its diuretic substance. It’s useful to clear out toxins in our kidney and liver. Moreover, it also boosts the overall metabolic and health efficacy of the body. In the end, we may achieve better health immune system.

Next advantage of rose apple for our health will be its nutrient combination and fiber. It helps us to reduce cholesterol and improve heart health. Including rose apple to our diet will lower the risk of strokes, heart attacks, and other cardiovascular diseases.

Also, it boosts our immune system. The active organic agent in this fruit has both anti-fungal and antimicrobial effects. There are many researches that show the effect of rose apples to protect our skin from troublesome inflammation or allergies. It also boosts the strength of our body to fight against infections.

Rose Apple Tree Cultivation

When it comes to rose apple tree, you should know its nature. This kind of tree requires sufficient amount of rainfall, good soil, as well as humidity. Jambu tree is a regular tree that requires regular treatment. Commonly, this plant can deal with temperatures up to 25F in mature tree.

The best growing environment for this tree is in full sun. You need also to give it moderate watering. What’s about the propagation? When you have decided to grow rose apple tree, you can start by seeds, which can loose viability faster. The seeds are able to produce many seedlings. You can separate them when young.

The rose apple tree is cultivated for many purposes. There are many uses that you can get as well including its health benefits. The fruit is commonly eaten raw or you can use it in preserves.

However, the fruit will spoil easily so you need to eat or use it soon after ripping. The hollow seed in the middle part of the fruit is the most unique part of rose apple. Mostly, people use fruit extract to make a rose water fragrance.

The native of this tree is Southeast Asia and now has spread through Pacific Islands and India. Any tropical countries also can easily cultivate this fruit.


The flowering stage of rose apple tree is between April-May. What do you now about its saplings availability? Well, each provider has its own cost actually. You can visit local gardeners to find out the best deal of the seeds.

Overall, the growing, caring, and harvesting process of rose apple won’t give any troubles at all as long as you understand how to do so. You should learn the basic cultivation techniques of rose apple fruit. Then, you are able to decide what kind of strategies to preserve its freshness. Overall, when it comes to grow this tree, you need to find a well-soiled and proper exposure area.

In summary, there are more people who are interested to cultivate rose apple tree. Some cultivars having larger fruit will be preferred. Commonly, gardeners choose the one that’s originated from Southeast Asia.

Aside from its fun to grow this kind of tree, you are able to use the fruit as salad composition. It gives fresh and light taste to the food. In Indonesia, rose apple fruit (jambu) is common to use as part of traditional snack called Rujak. In some countries, it’s used to make pickles.



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