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What You Need to Know About Orange Plants

What You Need to Know About Orange Plants

When it comes to listing out the most popular fruits on the planet, you can never put oranges aside. This would be one of the most common fruits that can be easily found in almost every part of this world.

There are countless orange plants out there that keep on producing many different types of orange fruits. This particular fruit is mostly marked a rounded and oval shape and it is widely cultivated all the year round.

We have been very familiar with many different ways to consume this fruit. Many people love to enjoy this fruit in its natural form whereas many other orange lovers actually consume it in a form of a juice. It is quite often that we use this fruit as seasoning or even as the ingredient of marmalade.

The Origin of Orange Plants

Orange plants are the world’s largest citrus fruits and are originated from many countries in south east Asian region. These tasty plants are also found in India and China. In these two Asian countries, oranges have been widely cultivated since centuries ago.

orangeplants02Asian people have relished the great taste of orange fruits thousands of years earlier than the people in European countries, the Middle East and many other parts in this world.

These days, orange plants are widely grown in many parts of this planet including the United States.

More than 25 billion orange fruits are cultivated every year in the U.S. alone. It should be of no surprise to see this luscious fruit stands on the forth rank of the most popular fruit in the country.

Surprisingly, Spain is now home to 35 million orange trees.

The fleshy, succulent and juicy fruits from the orange trees have been very familiar to billions of people around the globe. Not only do the fruits come with luscious properties and typical flavor, the nutritional values of orange fruits are also something worth to note.

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More Information on How to Grow an Orange Tree

We can never have a great taste of the juicy orange fruits without growing an orange tree. Being one of the most popular fruits on the planet, growing an orange tree in your garden or backyard should not be very hard.

As long as you can provide the tree with a friendly environment, your orange tree will grow optimally. Make sure that you read the following paragraphs should you are interested in how to grow an orange tree properly.


Unlike many other fruit plants, orange plants can be grown for different purposes. Not only that you can grow an orange tree for commercial purposes, you can also grow this popular plant for aesthetic purposes.

For the first purpose, it is highly recommended that you grow this plant in the open space. On the contrary, the orange plants for aesthetic purposes are mostly nurtured indoors. You can either grow this tree from the orange seeds or the pips of fresh orange fruits. Make sure that you only pick the orange seeds from a nursery.

Taking Care of Your Orange Tree

You should not find any difficulty on how to grow an orange tree as long as you can care for the tree properly. This particular tree requires plenty of natural light to grow healthily. It would be best if you can place the trees in warmer areas instead of cold places.

howtogrowanorangetreeHowever, it does not mean that the people who live in colder regions are prohibited from growing an orange tree. You can grow lights to create a warmer atmosphere for the tree.

If you plant your orange trees at the outdoors, it is very important that give each tree enough distance.

You should never put your orange trees under the sunlight protection as they need plenty of sunlight to grow their leaves and fruits.

In order to keep the branches and foliage of your orange trees from covering each other, it would be best if you can place them with 25 to 50 inches of intervals.

If you like to grow an indoor orange tree, make sure that you place it on a container that come with holes at the bottom. These holes come in very handy to support a proper drainage. The indoor plant still requires enough natural light.

Thus, you had better place your orange tree on a window. It is very important for you to keep the tree from being over watered. Otherwise, the soil will turn to be soggy and this creates a bad environment for the orange seeds.

Discovering The Orange Juice Health Benefits

Orange fruits are also commonly consumed in juice form. It has to be one of the most popular and most sought after juices in the world. Not only that does the orange juice is well known for its sweet and fresh taste, the health benefits of orange juice are also worth noticing.

This juice is obviously a great source of vitamin C and many other healthy nutrients. Orange juice contains plenty of essential minerals such as potassium and magnesium. These two minerals come in very handy in lowering your high blood pressure. For that reason, many high blood pressure patients are recommended to drink plenty of orange juice.


Thanks to its rich and nutritional content, we can enjoy more orange juice health benefits. Consuming orange juice is also recommended to the people who like to keep themselves away from serious diseases like stroke or some other heart ailments.

Interestingly, pregnant women can also enjoy orange juice health benefits. By consuming the orange juice, she helps the baby to grow stronger bone and teeth. Orange juice also has anti-inflammatory properties which can be very useful to treat your arthritis condition.


Should you care about the health of your heart, it would be best if you can start taking this tasty juice. You can rely on orange juice to increase the metabolic system and the immune system in your body as well. Now that you know the enormous orange juice health benefits, there should be nothing else that keeps you from consuming orange juice regularly.

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