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Water Lotus: The Sacred Flower

Water Lotus: The Sacred Flower

The pink lotus or Nelumbo nucifera is known as the national flower of India. It is known by many names, the sacred lotus, sacred water-lily, and Indian Lotus to name a few. The water lotus is considered as an aquatic perennial plant which is originated from Asia and Australia.

This fragrant flower plant is usually planted in shallow, murky water, and cultivated as a water plant. The firm root grows well in the mud with long stems and the leaves grow above the water. The beautiful flower blooms will open in the morning and will fall the petals when the afternoon comes.

Water lotus Flower

According to Egyptian myth, the water lotus is the symbol of the sun since it blooms in the morning and close by the afternoon. In Buddhist believe, this flower is a sacred flower which symbolizes the cosmic harmony due to its eight petals.


The bud of the flowers symbolizes to enlightenment. In Asia, the lotus flowers, young leave as well as seed, and rhizome is all edible. It also has been used for the medicinal purpose for years.

Growing Lotus from Seed

growinglotusfromseedLotus seed is as big as small olive with a sharp point on one end for the germination.

To grow lotus, you have to make sure that the seed is viable since the lotus seed has quite high resistance to germination which makes it tends to more difficult to start with than average plant.

To start germination, you have to break the seed coats for it to be able to germinate.

You can make scar or nickel the hard and impenetrable surface in the seeds. This step seems easy, but it is a tricky step; the purpose is to file the top seed coat until the thin white lined surface is visible.

After you have nicked the seed, you can soak it in warm water for several days or weeks. You have to make sure that the water is warm or at least 70 degrees Fahrenheit because if it is below the required temperature, the seed will take longer to sprout and grow slower.

You can place the seed in as cup or jar and place in a seedling heat or top of the fridge. The heated aquarium is also a good option to soak the seed in warm water, but make sure to protect it from fish as they tend to eat sprouting lotus seed. You can also place it on a sunny window or any place with warm temperature.

Once you soak the lotus seed in the water, make sure to change the water regularly to prevent it from bacteria and fungus. The clean environment can also prevent it from rotting. Good lighting also determines the successful germination.


After several days or weeks, the hard coat of the seed will open like a clam and the sprout begin to emerge. Once it sprouts successfully, you have to keep it under enough light supply and it will grow toward the lighting source.

At this step, you can move the seedling in water with clay or aquatic oil. You have to make sure that it still has the same water temperature and receive plenty sunlight supply or growing light.

After several days, the seedling will grow small leaves and roots as a sign of the rhizomes. After more days to come, the seedling will grow firmer root and larger leaves. Congratulations, you have successfully germinated lotus flower from seed.

Difference between Water Lily and Lotus Flower

Many people wondering if the water lotus and water lily is the same plant; the answer is those two flowers are a completely different.

The water lily has a wide variety of colors while the water lotus only flower only has three colors which are white, pink, and cream. The petals of water lily are more thick and waxy and the water lotus flower is papery and thin.


A further difference is that the water lily stays at the same color while the water lotus can change the petals’ color. In many Asian cuisines, you can find the water lotus root as it is edible while the water lily root is not edible. The water lotus roots have hollow pockets in the inside and resemble a banana. The roots of water lily are shaped like a pine cone.

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