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Water lily plant: Exotic Touch for Ponds and Pools

Water lily plant: Exotic Touch for Ponds and Pools

Water lily plant is always an excellent touch for ponds and pools as it gives natural beauty to the scenery especially when it blooms. Fish and underwater animal use it for hiding place to keep them safe from predators and also as their home to keep from the hot summer sun.

The water lily plant also useful to keep the water clear and aerated which means fewer ponds maintenance. In general, the water lily plant is divided into two types; hardy and tropical water lily.

The hardy type is suitable more for the northern regions where the water tends to freeze during the winter. The tropical water lily requires warm temperature and cannot stand in cold winter. If you have this type of water lily, you can store them during winter in the cool basement. Even though the tropical water lily requires more maintenance, it has more exotic colors and larger blooms.


The tropical water lily is divided into two species which is night bloomers and day bloomers.

The night water lily is very beautiful when the moonlight illuminate. However, the color choice of night bloomer water lily should be chosen carefully since the certain color will not stand out without the help of artificial light. Avoid blue, purple, pink, and red water lily.


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Planting Water Lilies

You might have seen a pond or pool which is covered with blooming water lilies and it is very attractive. However, if you are going to plant water lilies in a pond or pool, make sure not to have it too spread since it can make underwater plants and animal lack of sunlight supply.

nightbloomingwaterlilyYou can use a container for an easy maintain as well as keep the spreading under control.

The container should be in large size with holes in the bottom and side.

To plant water lilies, you can use clay soil or silt loam with a little mix of aquatic plant fertilizer. Fill the pot with the soil for about 3 inches.

If the media is ready, plant the water lilies in one side of the pot with the eye pointing up for 45 degrees. Then, cover the soil with pea gravel without covering the top of the water lilies rhizome.

The pea gravel will help to keep the soil from floating. If you have fish in the pond, it is better to cover the soil with rock to prevent from rotting. Finally, you can put the pot in the bottom of the pond or pool with 6 to 18 inches deep. You can adjust the depth according to the water lilies varieties.


Once the water lily is planted and successfully grow; it needs very little of maintenance or you could say no care at all. The only maintenance is to divide them for every four years to prevent them from spreading a lot.

Before the winter comes, you can make them ready for the cold temperature by removing the dead and dry leaves. If the pond is freezing, take out the pot and store it in a plastic bag to keep them cool and moist. If you cannot remove the pot, you can simply take the plant and store it.

Once the spring comes, you can restore the lily plant in the proper spot for growing season.


When to Plant Water Lilies

The best time to plant water lilies is in early spring when the temperature is warm as they will bloom from June to September. The blooming season depends on the temperature. Once the water lilies are planted; you should fertilize it for every 4 or 6 weeks.

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