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The Great Beauty of Early Spring Flowers

The Great Beauty of Early Spring Flowers

Every season has its own characters. When winter is well known for its freezing weather and summer is mostly anticipated for its warm and friendly atmosphere, spring is known as the most beautiful season of all.

After struggling with the cold temperature during winter, it is the right time for you to embrace the beautiful season filled with fresh air and blooming flowers.

It should be of no surprise to see this particular season as a magical time of the year. This season is the perfect time for you to enjoy beautiful spring flowers that come in many attractive colors. Naturally, there are many popular spring flowers that bloom during this beautiful season. Some of them are known as early spring flowers as they bloom at the beginning of this season.

Some other spring flowers naturally wait until the end of spring to bloom and showcase their beauty. For this moment, let us have a closer look at the early spring flowers and their beautiful appearances.

After a long and freezing moment during winter, it is about time for you to refresh and lighten your spirits with the beauty of early spring flowers. Your surroundings might still be filled with the cold winter leftovers like thick snow.

However, you should not keep you from enjoying the beautiful spring flowers in the early stage of this season. They have been very popular spring flowers as they are a clear reminder of the beautiful season ahead of us.


When winter is over, you certainly need colorful addition to warm up your garden. The early spring flowers have all the bright colors you need to make your garden more attractive.

More interestingly, the beautiful spring flowers that bloom at the early stage of this season also offer other benefits. In addition to adding more beautiful touches to your yard or garden, these spring flowers can also attract more bees and some other pollinators. The flowers have what it takes to keep them coming back during this season.

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A Number of Beautiful and Popular Early Spring Flowers for Your Garden

Spring is home to an array of beautiful flower that can grow and bloom throughout this season. Buttercup anemones, Eastern redbuds and irises are among the most popular spring flowers that bloom earlier this season.

Other than that, ghost flower, lesser celandine, contra costa goldfields, snowdrop and field wood-rush have been very popular among many early spring gardeners as well. Feel free to read the rest of this article to have a closer look at those popular spring flowers.

Early Star-of-Bethlehem

This flower plant is also known as Radnor Lily or the Welsh Star-of-Bethlehem and it belongs to the genus Gagea and the Liliaceae family. You can easily find this beautiful flower from January to April.


Every plant of this species tends to grow four yellow flowers and the petal of this plant comes with 1.5 cm diameter. Everyone is in love with the vibrant appearance of the yellow flowers. Originally, this flower plant comes from the Mediterranean region and central Europe. You can easily find plenty of them in Germany and France as well. 

Yellow Anemone

This early spring flower belongs to the herbaceous perennial plants and it is better known as buttercup anemones or the yellow wood anemones. This beautiful species usually bloom its beautiful flowers from March to May.


With its 1.5 cm diameter, the appearance of the yellow-colored flowers is easily noticeable. Originally, this spring flower grows in the forests in Continental Europe. It is seen in the Mediterranean region as well.


Actually, iris is a genus and it has more than 200 different species of flowering plants that mostly come with colorful flowers. This beautiful flowering plant can be found in many parts of the world including the European desserts, all across North America and the Middle East countries.


The flowering plants have many attractive colors and the purple Irises seem to be among the most popular colors. Most of the time, we grow this beautiful spring flower as an ornamental addition in our garden. Interestingly, Tennessee has made this gorgeous spring flower as their state flower.

Eastern Redbud

Typically, this early spring flower starts blooming in March. You must love this flowering plants their various shades of pink. The southern parts of Canada including Ontario and the eastern part of the United States are home to this beautiful spring flower.


Eastern Redbud can add splash of color to your garden and landscape. Most of the time, we find this flowering plant naturally grow in a group of four to eight flowers.

Ghost Flower

This spring flower is native to the Americas ad it is lower to the ground. Typically, this flower bloom in March and April. It is named as the Ghost Flower as you do not see it pretty often in spring.



This flowering plant naturally grows in summer and the early spring as well. Everyone loves this flower plant for its crisp white flower and droopy attitude. You can easily find it on the east coast of North America.

snowflakeWhen the early of spring leaves us, it does not mean that we have to give up our beautiful garden.

You can also find plenty of beautiful flowering plants that start to show their beauties by the time we reach the end of this season.

There are many beauties spring flowers that actually bloom at the late of spring.

They can be a beautiful addition both to your landscape or garden. When the end of spring is arriving, you might as well beautify your garden with bloodroots, mountain laurels or sweet crabapple. Other than that, Carolina silver bells and chestnut oak flowers normally showcase their gorgeous and attractive flowers in late spring as well.

Obviously, there are many types of early spring flowers you can choose to increase the beauty of your landscape. When the winter is gone, those beautiful spring flowers would be the right choice for you to make this moment a picturesque time.

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