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Saw Palmetto, Its Benefits and Side Effects

Saw Palmetto, Its Benefits and Side Effects

The word Saw Palmetto might be less familiar to many of us. Despite of the enormous benefits of saw palmetto, many of us are still questioning about the exact form of this thing. Some people might not even realize that saw palmetto is a plant.

In fact, it is a type of fan palm with shorter appearance and looks like shrub. The southeastern United States is the origin of saw palmetto as it thrives very well in Florida. This plant is also known as Serenoa repens and it produces both flowers and fruits.

The berries of this plant normally follow the production of its flowers. The berries of saw palmetto are now widely available in many stores all over the country. They can be easily purchase in the online world as well.


Saw palmetto products come in a number of different forms. Not only that you can find it in a form of a capsule, the extract of this plant is also available in liquid form as well. Both saw palmetto berries and extract come with many benefits to our health.

However, just like many other herbal products, you should consume the saw palmetto products carefully.

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The Benefits of Saw Palmetto

The use of this herb has been recognized since hundreds of years ago. Back in the days, Mayan people and Native Americans used this powerful herb to treat various health conditions. In addition to that, they also strongly believed that Saw Palmetto can help them boost their health as well.

A number of researches and studies have been conducted and the enormous saw palmetto benefits have been revealed more clearly. The berries of this plant are known to have a repulsive taste. The aboriginal Americans used them to treat the infections on their urinary tract. They also relied on this herb to treat various disorders in their reproductive system.

These days, consuming this herb has never been this easy. You can now find it in a form or supplement that will come in very beneficial both to men and women users.


In addition to its capsule and liquid extract, you can also find saw palmetto in the forms of tablets, tea or dried berries.

The popularity of saw palmetto keeps on increasing very rapidly over the last few years. More and more people start to recognize the enormous benefits of this plant.

That makes the demand for saw palmetto in the market will likely increase.

When you suffer from a serious health condition like enlarged prostate, you can turn to this herb. The consumption of saw palmetto will help you reduce the symptoms. This herb can be used to treat pattern baldness in men as it comes with a great ability to block some of the testosterone effects.

Women can also benefits from using saw palmetto. Reducing the menstrual discomfort, headache and cramps are only some of the saw palmetto benefits applicable for women. Other than that, saw palmetto will help women to prevent hair loss and improve breast enlargement.

This plant also comes in very handy when it comes to controlling high blood pressure and improves your sex drive. However, in spite the enormous benefits of saw palmetto, the use of this herb for pregnant women should be very carefully supervised.


Saw Palmetto Side Effects

The use of any kind of herb including saw palmetto should be very cautious. Apart from its enormous benefits, saw palmetto also offers plenty of side effects. Diarrhea, constipation, vomiting, nausea, breast tenderness, bad breath, dizziness, depression, muscle pain and insomnia are among the less severe side effects come from using saw palmetto.

Some people actually experienced more severe symptoms like heart problems, liver inflammation, high blood pressure and pancreatitis. Thus, be sure that you seek professional advice before taking this herb for your health condition.

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