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More Information about Growing Starfruit

More Information about Growing Starfruit

Other continents on this planet should envy the Asian continent for having so many incredible and exotic animal species plus a plethora of beneficial fruit plants. There are many types of unique fruit plants that are widely available in Asian countries yet are hardly available in any other place on the planet.

Let us take the start fruit for example. This juicy fruit can be found in many countries in the Asian continent yet it is nowhere to find in Europe or the United States. Therefore, growing starfruit in the US soil could be quite challenging.

The name of this fruit is mostly associated to the shape that shows once we cut the fruit across the middle. Many people in other producer countries like Brazil, Colombia, Guyana, Trinidad and Dominican Republic recognize this fruit as Carambola.

Star fruit actually comes in two different flavors. Some of them introduce sweet taste while some other star fruit varieties come with tart taste.


This fruit come in various sizes as well. Before we have any further discussion about growing starfruit, it would be best if we take a closer look at the star fruit nutrition and its health benefits. Such a valuable knowledge about this juicy fruit will grow a bigger interest in planting the star fruit tree in your own garden.

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Star Fruit and Its Health Benefits

Star fruit nutrition is highly rich in essential minerals. This fruit actually comes with plenty of vitamin C, dietary fiber, copper, potassium and pantothenic acid. It can be a great choice for you weight loss diet as this fruit is very low in cholesterol, sodium and saturated fat.

starfruitbenefitsThanks to the rich star fruit nutrition, you can enjoy many starfruit benefits. Star fruit can be consumed in a number of different ways.

When you have no interest in eating the star fruit in its fresh condition, you can always try a star fruit juice.

It is believed that starfruit juice benefits are not so different from the raw consumption.

Thanks to the considerable amount of vitamin C in star fruit, this juicy fruit may come in very handy to improve the immunity system of your body. Consuming more star fruit can also be very helpful in fighting all the free radicals as the residue of our metabolism system.

The vitamin C content in star fruit will keep the free radicals from destroying your cell membranes. Many also believed that this fruit can help us reduce the risk of getting cancers.

The nursing mothers can also enjoy the starfruit benefits. The consumption of starfruit actually helps them increase their milk production. The calcium in star fruit can help you grow stronger teeth and bones while the potassium content of star fruit will keep you away from experiencing muscle cramps.

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How to Grow Starfruit

When it comes to growing starfruit, it is highly recommended that you pay more attention on the pH range of the plant. Other than that, you also have to keep your eyes on the fertilizing, pruning and the watering of the star fruit tree.


In order to help the star fruit tree absorb the essential nutrients, it is important that you can keep the pH range for your star fruit plant under 7. When the pH range is way above 7, your start fruit tree will start to yellow, reduce leaf size and mottle.

These symptoms mostly recognized as the effects of having magnesium, iron and manganese deficiencies due to the unfriendly pH range. You must also watch the watering of this tree. Your star fruit tree requires moist conditions to grow optimally. Thus, when summer comes, make sure that you water the star fruit tree more regularly.

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