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Looking for a Great Addition to Your Garden? Try Hydrangea

Looking for a Great Addition to Your Garden? Try Hydrangea

A garden can be a great addition to any home. Not only does a garden make your living space healthier and prettier, a well-maintained garden can increase the economic value of your house as well.

If you wish to add an excellent beauty to your dull or looking drab garden, you might need to have hydrangea flowers. Everyone on the planet has a great desire to enjoy the beauty of flowers and complementing their garden with beautiful flower plants like hydrangea will please your eyes and your soul.

These beautiful flowers once lost their popularity in the old times and fortunately, they are on their way to restore their great popularity. This process seems to run very smoothly considering that countless breeders, home landscapers and gardeners who actually grow their interest in planting hydrangea trees for many different purposes.

In addition to that, a number of interesting innovations keep on emerging in order to find out how to grow this flowering plant more easily and come up with more attractive colors.

Back then, hydrangea flowers were mostly associated with white appearance. Today, a number of hydrangea varieties have emerged to the surface and enriched our options when it comes to choosing the right hydrangea flowers for our gardens.

hydrangeaflowersBack in the old times, due to its vulnerable buds, most hydrangea could only start blooming in fall.

Thanks to the recent innovations, setting the buds of these flowers can be done even in spring season.

This innovation has allowed to enjoy the blooming of hydrangea flowers every year.

It should be a more interesting innovation for those gardeners who live in the Northern area. Is it important to note that pruning these beautiful flowers the early spring or late fall is more likely to take away the already-developed buds of hydrangea.

Many hydrangea breeders have managed to discover and breed new hydrangea varieties. They also have no problem in integrating the new varieties to the previous flowers.

Not only that we have more colorful options for our gardens, hydrangea flowers and their varieties will certainly become a wonderful addition to our landscape or garden. Let us now have a closer look at some of the existing hydrangea varieties.

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Various and Attractive Varieties of Hydrangea

In general, there are four different varieties of hydrangea that we need to acknowledge. They are Hydrangea quercifolia, Hydrangea piniculata, Hydrangea arborescens and Hydrangea mycrophylla. Each of these varieties comes with their own characteristics and uniqueness.

Hydrangea Mycrophylla

The zone 5b would be a suitable area for this hydrangea variety. However, you still need to keep it well protected from wind and cold weather. For that reason, planting this hydrangea type in the low area is not recommended at all due to the collection of cold air.


When you try to grow this plant, it is important that you provide it with a suitable micro climate and keep it protected from the rapid freeze-thaw. A wall that faces south would be a nice spot for this type.

Hydrangea myrcophylla may come in pink and blue appearance and the type of the soil mostly determines the color of this flower. There are many popular hydrangea flowers belong to this variety and the Endless Summer has to be the most popular one.

Hydrangea Quercifolia

This hydrangea variety is native to the United States and is better known as the Oak Leaf Hydrangea. It would be best for you to grow this plant in the light shade from a natural tree. This flower has a great capacity to grow pretty large and tall.


This hydrangea variety is marked with white flowers that come in the shape of a cone. If you like to feast your eyes with its beautiful blooming, then you need to wait until spring.

Interestingly, you can plant this plant in almost any type of soil. In spite of the fact that this type of hydrangea is pretty tolerant to drought, that does not mean you can keep their feet wet. In winter, this plant tends to fall its leaves and comes up with beautiful rust-colored peeling bark. That should be an interesting view in the winter.

Hydrangea Arborescens

With its white appearance and rounded shape, this hydrangea variety is suitable for the southern climes. The Annabelle would be its most popular type and can come back with prolific flowers after a severe cut back.


Hydrangea Paniculata

This cold hardy hydrangea variety can grow optimally in zone 3A. They find no problem in growing in any climate condition. Many gardeners love the white flower and the blush pink that appears as they grow older.


You are free to prune this flowering plant into a tree form and the corner of your home could be a nice anchoring place.

Taking Care of Your Hydrangea Flowers

If you like to enjoy the beautiful bloom of your hydrangea flowers in your garden, it is important that you can be pretty knowledgeable about how to care for hydrangea properly.

This flowering plant requires natural shade from the sun and it is crucial to note that exposing the plant to midday sun might burn the flowers. Exposing your hydrangea plants to the sunlight in the morning or late afternoon would be more beneficial.

Despite the fact that hydrangea flowers can grow in almost any kind of soil, it would be best if you can provide them with moist soil. Make sure that you complement it with a proper drainage. In order to keep the soil from dry condition, the gardeners should come up with regular watering.


If you like to optimize the growth of your hydrangea plants, then you need to feed them with rich fertilizer. There is no need for you to give the fertilizer in the early age of the plant. The fertilizing process would be best given to the two-month old hydrangea plants.

Unlike many other beautiful additions to your garden, there is not any complicated treatment to care for hydrangea. Thus, complementing your garden with hydrangea flowers should be very fun and enjoyable.

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