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Lisianthus plants: the Beautiful Rose-Like Flower

Lisianthus plants: the Beautiful Rose-Like Flower

If you are looking for a different choice of flower for flower cut or bouquet for wedding or house decorations; the lisianthus plants can be good options for you. The lisianthus flowers are often called the rose-like flowers.

Lisianthus plants are is native to warm areas such as Mexico, Caribbean, and Southern USA. It is botanically known as Eustoma Grandiflorum and belong Gentianaceae family. The name lisianthus is taken from the Greek language which lysis means dissolution and authos mean flower.

However, the botanical name comes from the Greek “eu” which means beautiful and “stoma” which means mouth.

The single flower of lisianthus flower resembles the tulips while the double flower resembles the roses. In some areas, the lisianthus are also known as Texas Bluebells, Lira den San Pedro, and Prairie Gentian due to the origin place.

The gardening tips for growing lisianthus plants is not to mix the different color of the flower when growing in the containers.

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How to Grow Lisianthus

Lisianthus can be good flower plants for both outdoor and indoor or container gardening. However, some varieties may be too tall to be planted in the container as it can grow until 24 to 30 inches height. For container gardening options, the dwarf varieties are most suitable.

lisianthusplantsThe lisianthus plants can be grown from seeds or cut flowers.

Growing lisianthus from seed requires proper environment.

It may take 24 weeks the most for growing from seeds to make the growing easier, there are also growing seedlings provided in stores.

Once the seed has growing roots, make sure to quickly transplant in containers or pots for permanent growth.

When planting seeds, you have to wait until the temperature are getting warm or after cold winter past. Because, growing lisianthus plants from seed require well drain soil and place with lots of sun exposure. It may take for a while to bloom until the stem quite stake.

Growing lisianthus plants from cut flower can also be a good choice for gardening. The cut flower can last until two weeks for an indoor bouquet. The lisianthus are heat loving but require moist soil. However, avoid overwatering since it can kill the roots and considered drought resistance plants.

Lisianthus Flowers

The lisianthus flower is popular as flower cut and arrangement. The flower blooms in summer with various colors range from lavender, deep purple, pink, and even two-tone colors.


It commonly becomes arrangement flower and combines with peonies, roses, and other flowers. It can also become a good arrangement for bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, corsage, and other wedding decorations.

Lisianthus Flower Meaning

Lisianthus flower is a perfect gift for those who born in under the Sagittarius star or between November 22 to December 22. It also has romantic attachment and often given for the loved ones.


Moreover, the lisianthus flower represents appreciation and admiration toward dear friends. The flower shows charisma, gratefulness, acknowledgment, love and respect. It also suggests a representation of old fashion and calm thoughts. Lisianthus flower is a beautiful flower that contains a lot of sense.

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