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Interesting Things You Should Know About Mangosteen Fruit

Interesting Things You Should Know About Mangosteen Fruit

Southeast Asian countries are naturally home to an array of tropical fruits that offer enormous benefits. Not only do these fruits offer fresh and great taste, you might as well enjoy many health benefits from consuming them in a regular manner.

From all those popular tropical fruits out there, mangosteen fruit has turned out to be one that is very famous for its numerous health benefits.

The plant of this fruit normally grows in humid and hot climates and this small evergreen plant is mostly found in Southeast Asian region, Africa and the Pacific islands. Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam are known the Southeast Asian countries that has been cultivating mangosteen fruit for many years.

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What is Mangosteen?

The popularity of mangosteen is way below other popular fruits like oranges, apples or grapes. It should be of no surprise that “what is mangosteen?” is commonly asked by many people in Europe or the United States.


Despite the fact that this tropical fruit has enormous health benefits, many of them who are still trying to figure out the exact form of this fruit. In its original countries, mangosteen fruit is better known as mangis or mangostan. Most Indonesian people refer this beneficial tropical fruit as manggis and Garcinia mangostana L is known as the Latin name for this fruit.

This small evergreen tree produces dark purple fruits that come in a rounded shape. With 2 to 3 inches diameter, this fruit offers a snow-white, soft and juicy flesh inside. The health benefits of this fruit is so enormous that many people consider this as the queen of all fruits on this planet.

The Health Benefits of Mangosteen Fruit

mangosteenfruitIf the word mangosteen sounds infamiliar to you, I personally encourage you to have a taste of it.

If you like to consume fresh fruits, mangosteen should be a tasty addition to your healthy diet plan.

Recently, this fruit has become even more popular for its nutritional values instead of its great taste as it contains very healthy nutrients.

Not only does mangosteen fruit is very rich in carbohydrates and fiber, it is also a great source of various vitamins like vitamin A, B2, B6 and C.

In the fruit of mangosteen tree, you can also find plenty of calcium, iron and potassium. More interestingly, many health researchers have found out that this tropical fruit is a great source of xanthones which are a group of natural polyphenolic compounds known for their superb healthy properties.

The natural polyphenolic compounds have great antioxidant properties and that make mangosteen fruit comes in very handy in fighting the free radicals inside our body. You can also rely on the healthy properties of this tropical fruit to slow down the natural aging process, enhance your immune system and have a better control of the degenerative diseases.

Furthermore, xanthones have been widely used in the treatments of several serious diseases related to your cardiovascular system such as high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, thrombosis and ischemic heart diseases. The anti-inflammatory properties in this fruit can be used to reduce the pain caused by peripheral and sciatica neuropathy.


Many people have used the anti-allergenic properties of this fruit to cure a number of different allergy conditions. Other than that, mangosteen is also known as the tropical fruit that comes with antibacterial, antifungal, antihistamine and anti-fatigue properties.

The Health Benefits of Mangosteen Juice

Consuming the fruit of mangosteen tree can be done in many different ways. You are welcome to consume the fresh fruits from the tree directly. Just make sure that you pick out the mature ones that normally comes in a darker color.

Enjoying the mangosteen in a form of a juice has become very common as well. It seems like a very tasty and more convenient way to get the enormous benefits of the tropical fruit. Mangosteen juice benefits have become very popular these days. Many people on this planet have seen this tasty juice as the best way to stay healthy, fit and happy.

The healthy properties of mangosteen juice have come in very handy for us to deal with a large number of different health issues. More importantly, the enormous mangosteen juice benefits have been supported by the scientific evidence.

You can take this tasty juice to keep your health in a pristine condition. After all, taking this fruit in its juice form turns out to be the better way. The healthy nutrients of this exotic fruit can be absorbed more easily.

The antioxidant properties contained by the mangosteen juice are very useful to keep your system from harmful viruses and bacteria. You are also recommended to take this juice daily to delay the natural aging process. Many women love the fact that the healthy ingredients of mangosteen juice can help them enjoy more glowing and healthier skin.


This particular juice is also very rich in vitamin E which can be very useful to improve your immune system. You shall be well protected from various infections or other diseases. The anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties of this juice can also help you promote a better cardiovascular health.

Even today, the juice made from the mangosteen peel was very popular. Research on the mangosteen peel has been done in Japan by a Japanese research team consisting of Munekazu Iinuma, Kenji Matsumoto, and several other researchers. According to the results, it is evident that the xanthone compounds contained in the skin of the mangosteen fruit can cure blood cancer (leukemia).

Then other studies in Switzerland and Oregon, United States prove that the compound xanthone contained in the mangosteen peel can overcome depression and cure malaria. It’s very useful for protecting human health.

Growing A Mangosteen Tree

Now that you reveal the great benefits of mangosteen fruit to your health, it would be a normal thing if you consider on how to grow the mangosteen trees in your own garden or yard.

growthemangosteentreesThe Southeast Asian region is the original home of this tropical fruit and countries like Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia as the places where this tree can grow optimally.

Obviously, the Western hemisphere does not provide a friendly environment for a mangosteen tree to grow properly.

You need to complement this tree with a subtropical climate and the perfect soil.

If you manage to create a perfect environment to this tropical tree, you need to wait for many years before actually enjoy the fruits.

In the early years of its growth, a mangosteen tree tends to grow up to twenty feet high. When it reaches it mature ages, the mangosteen tree is capable of producing more than 500 fruits in a single harvest.

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