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Important Things You Need to Know About Jack Fruit Tree

Important Things You Need to Know About Jack Fruit Tree

It is no longer a secret that tropical places on earth are very rich in super fruits that are not only tasty but also offer enormous benefits to our health.

Let us take jackfruit for example. This large tropical fruit can be easily found in many countries in Asia, Uganda, Brazil, Mauritius and east Africa regions.

This fruit is now officially known as the national fruit of Bangladesh where most people there refer this fruit as Kathal.

You might have been very familiar with some other tropical fruits like mangoes, oranges, star fruits, pineapple or durian.However, the word jackfruit might still sound pretty strange to most people in western cultures. If you wish to know better about this particular tropical fruit, make sure that you read the following paragraphs.

Discovering More Facts about Jackfruit

What is a jackfruit anyway? What makes it so different from some other tropical fruits out there. Jackfruit could be one of the largest fruits on the planet that comes from a jack fruit tree.


This tropical tree is normally marked with a solid and very strong trunk. In its original habitat, a jack fruit tree can grow up to 50 to 60 feet high. Unlike many other fruit plants on this planet, you can find plenty of latex content in many parts of this tree including its fruits, leaves and barks. When you touch the green leaves of this tree, you will find them pretty leathery.

These leaves normally have an oval shape and a glossy appearance. Every tree of jack fruit has its own male and female flowers and it usually produces huge fruits that can weigh up to 25 kilograms. Inside the huge jack fruit, you shall find plenty of smaller fleshy fruits which you can eat as you pick them out from the tree.

jackfruitseedsThe jackfruit seeds can be found in every small fruit and these seeds are pretty starchy and hard.

Not only do the jackfruit seeds come in very handy in planting a new jack fruit tree, some people in the origin countries of this fruit have been very familiar with putting the seeds in their traditional cuisines.

These days, the popularity of jackfruit has reached its peak.

This tasty and beneficial tropical fruit can now be found in many types of desserts, soups, fruit salads and even main course dishes. More interestingly, this fruit is also widely found in more delicious and popular forms like ice creams, drinks and chips.

The immature and unripe jackfruit is not as sweet as the mature one. Therefore, putting it into our main course recipes sounds like a great idea.

Once the fruit has reached its ripe and mature age, it normally comes with a sweet taste. For that reason, mature jack fruits are mostly found in many types of tasty and sweet desserts.

If you like have a crunchy snack between your meals, you are welcome to boil or roast the jackfruit seeds.

Jackfruit Health Benefits and Growing a Jack Fruit Tree

Jackfruit has been very popular for its health benefits as well. You can find plenty of essential minerals, various vitamins, antioxidants, isoflavones and phytonutrients. This rich content has made this tropical fruit pretty powerful in preventing cancer and some other serious diseases.

Jackfruit health benefits do not end here, there are many other useful medicinal properties that come from consuming jackfruit. Many people rely on this fruit to heal their indigestion and ulcer diseases. Little that you know that jackfruit is a great source of dietary fiber, thus, it will bring positive effects to your healthy diet plan.


Thanks to the enormous jackfruit health benefits, it shouldn’t be too surprising to see a huge interest of many people to grow their own jack fruit trees.

Talking about the jackfruit health benefits might require a longer article. Beside stated health benefits of jackfruit in the previous paragraphs, there are many other interesting health benefits to discuss. Most of the time, we tend to consume the sweet and tasty fruit inside the jackfruit.

Little that you know, the latex content of jack fruit tree may come in very handy to your health as well. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, you can simply use it in inflamed abscesses and wounds. The bark of jack fruit tree also come in very handy in healing dysentery and diarrhea.

However, you need to note down that the enormous jackfruit health benefits are not meant for the pregnant women and the people with digestive disorders.

In order to grow optimally, a jack fruit tree requires a colder climate. In the United States, where tropical environment is nowhere to be found, the tree of jackfruit is grown as a greenhouse or sun room plant. The jackfruit seeds that you use should be harvested from the fully ripe fruits and they should be planted very soon.

You should never exceed 30 day period and leave the seeds unplanted. Usually, these seeds will not grow true to their parent tree.

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How to Care Your Jack Fruit Tree

The soil you choose should be well drained and this tree needs a warm, sunny and shadowed location to grow optimally. A transplant seedling of this tree is better done in summer or late spring since the warm weather is pretty conducive for this process.

whatisajackfruitIn order to maintain a humid atmosphere around your jack fruit tree, you are advised to use a warm steam vaporizer.

It is strongly recommended that you place the jack fruit tree in a sunny location and keep it free from the effect of air conditioning or heating systems.

Watering is also an important aspect in growing your jack fruit tree. You can water this tree at least once or twice in a week.

Over watered condition could be very harmful for this tropical tree. If you like to improve the growth of this tree, it would be best if you do the pruning process in early fall or late summer. The pruning activity is only meant to remove the dead or crossing branches and shape the tree.

Organic fertilizer is also highly advised to apply every 6 months so the jackfruit tree will get adequate nutrition. You also have to get rid of the grass that grows around the jackfruit tree.

Hopefully with a proper care, the jackfruit tree that grows from seed will produce fruit after the age of 7 to 10 years. But if you do the grafting process, it will bear fruit after 5 years.

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