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Grape Bonsai for Earthy Feeling

Grape Bonsai for Earthy Feeling

If you want a wonderful bonsai for different looks of your house; you might want to consider the grape bonsai. Well, even though the grape bonsai does not produce as much grape as wine grape; still, it is very beautiful for your coffee table.

Moreover, after the cold winter, watching the grape bonsai to come back to live will bring you the earthy feeling.

Grape bonsai Care

You have to note that grape bonsai is not a houseplant; it is a miniature tree. Therefore, it requires good handling. During winter, the bonsai should be placed in cool storage. For a quick reminder, when Thanksgiving comes, you should prepare the bonsai for the winter.

grapebonsaiThere are some ways that you can use to provide the bonsai with suitable temperature; first, bury the without the pot, then cover the first branch with mulch.

Second, place the grape bonsai in place which is protected by the sun and the wind, but still get exposure of rain and snow.

The last, you can place the bonsai in a dark and unheated garage.

For grape bonsai, winter is the dormant season; therefore it does not need sun exposure. During summer and spring, the grape bonsai should be placed outside or place with excellent sun supply.

Similar to other plant, grape bonsai requires frequent watering once the soil dries. If you place your grape bonsai under full sun exposure, it may require once a day watering. However, the water schedule and the amount of watering should depend on the grape bonsai condition itself.

The important is to water thoroughly until the bottom of the pot. To maintain the grape bonsai health and beauty, it requires regular fertilizing for at least once a month except during dormant season.

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Grape Juice Health Benefits

Some of you may have heard that grape have tons of health benefits. The fruit has semi-translucent flesh with various colors. The flesh surrounds with thin skin in which some varieties are seedless and others have edible seeds.

Each color of grape contains different antioxidants; the red and purple grape is rich in anthocyanin while the green grape is rich in tannins. The antioxidants substances are concentrated in the seeds and the skin.


Consuming grape juice has tons of health benefits since it contains plenty vitamin, minerals, and antioxidants. Grape is rich in resveratrol, a polyphenolic phytochemical substance, in which is a natural powerful of antioxidant.

Recently, this substance is known as a protective agent against colon and prostate cancer, coronary heart disease, Alzheimer, degenerative diseases, and fungal infections. Resveratrol itself can reduce the risk of stroke by changing the molecular mechanism in the blood vessel.

Other antioxidant agents, anthocyanin which is found in red and purple grapes has anti-allergy, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial.


For those who are on a diet, grape contains low calories and zero cholesterol. Besides, the grape is an excellent source of natural vitamin such as Vitamin C, A, K, and B. Therefore, consuming grape juice in a daily basis is very good for body health such as lower blood level. It would be more fun if the grapes come from your grape bonzai.

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