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Discovering Interesting Information about Saffron Crocus Flower

Discovering Interesting Information about Saffron Crocus Flower

If you are looking for a meaningful and beautiful flowery ornaments or bouquets for your important events, choosing saffron crocus flower would be a perfect decision.

Not only that this flower comes with a pretty appearance, it is the best way to convey the expression of being glad to have someone in your life. This flower actually belongs to the family Iridaceae and it is not an easy task to find this flowering plant.

It only grows in very few parts of this planet and it is native to the Southwest Asian area. Autumn would be the best time for you to enjoy the beauty of saffron crocus flower and it is naturally marked with a sweet smell, a bitter taste and a reddish-orange color.


We have been using this flower in a form of spice for coloring and seasoning purposes. Other than that, it is interesting to know that saffron crocus comes with medicinal properties including antioxidants, anti-carcinogenic and immunomodulating.

In a couple of countries in Asia like India and China, saffron crocus flower is widely used in the perfumery industry.

Growing Saffron Crocus

Saffron crocus is a perennial plant that blooms in fall. This plant is mostly known as the one that produces one of the most expensive dried spices on the planet known as saffron. Most of the flower species in the genus Crocus mostly bloom in autumn and only saffron crocus flower manages to flower throughout the season.


When other species stop blooming, this flower will still more flowers to produce.

Most people have a great interest in growing saffron crocus for two main purposes; enjoying the blooming session in fall and producing the source of the expensive dried spice.

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Some Tips for Saffron Crocus Flower Lovers

saffroncrocusflowerAs long as you have equipped yourself with the proper techniques, growing saffron crocus should be very easy for you.

For a start, it is important that you get yourself corms or bulbs of this flowering plant.

They can be found in many nurseries. Should you look for a convenient solution, you can simply purchase them from online suppliers.

It is highly recommended that you plant this flower during the late of spring to early period of summer.

In order to make the soil ready for the planting process, it would be best if you complete it with some organic materials like leaves, grass clippings or compost.

This flowering plant has a high tolerance for natural light. In fact, you need to expose it to the sun totally. If you like to see an optimum growth of your saffron crocus, it is very important that you provide it with well-drained soil and keep it protected from wind.

Planting the flowering plant under a downspout or some other wet places would be a bad idea whatsoever. You have to plant the bulbs in the four-inches-depth holes where every hole has at least four inches distance. The roots of the bulbs should be facing downwards as you plant them.


You will start seeing the leaves and flowers developing from the bulbs in fall. Where in summer, it is important that you can keep the soil dry since this type of flowering plant tends to be dormant during this warm season. A proper watering is highly required in growing saffron crocus flower. However, you should never make the soil a soggy place.

When the season that bring cold climates arrives, it is highly recommended that you dig out the bulbs and place them in the plastic bags before storing them in a dark and cool spot. By the time spring season is almost over, that would be your cue to plant them back on the ground.



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