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Dahlia Plants – Basic Knowledge & Growing Tips

Dahlia Plants – Basic Knowledge & Growing Tips

Dahlia has been used differently in the garden. Small clusters of dahlia plants or individual plants in your landscape will emphasize the summer color.

Long straight lines will look quite beautiful and easy to maintain for cutting flowers. Big dahlias can be used to give background color for other plants.

While small dahlias can be mixed with other flowers and plants. They are also suitable for borders. If you are interested to cut many flowers you should prepare the access to any sides of these plants. It takes time to learn about this beautiful plant as well as the growing tips.

Perhaps you have been familiar with many pavilions filled with amazing and exotic dahlia flowers. These blooms become the dream of any collectors, with many choices of color. Dahlia is quite strong plants if cultivated in proper soil, heat, and lightning.

Care of this plant will depend on your area, but here are some tips and information to enhance the potential of your dahlia plants. Proper maintenance will give you bushy and healthy blooms. Dahlia becomes on of the best exhibits in county fair. It offers various shapes, colors, and varieties. It can be grown in your garden as well as bought from gardeners.

How to Grow a Dahlia Plant

orangedahliaflowerDahlia is categorized based on petal arrangement and flower shape. The dahlia plants are occurred from tubers, which need good quality sunlight and soil.

Caring for these plants starts with healthy tubers and soil nurturing.

Learning how to grow this plant can become a nice hobby. The blooms are very compelling and addictive.

Importantly, choose healthy tubers that are the best in your area. The outside part of the tuber must be firm with no rotten spots or mold. Next, you need to prepare the base of the soil (bed). These plants require acidic and well-drained soil. It’s good as long as the soil isn’t soggy.

Dig down 10 inches and add fertilizer to improve the nutrient density as well as porosity since these dahlia plants need much of nutrients. A good amount of fertilizer will be 2 pounds for each 100 square feet. Small dahlias can be gapped 12 inches apart but the big ones should be planted 2-3 feet apart to give space for large bushes.

Put the tuber 2.5 inches deep in a drain and cover it with the soil. Dahlias are quite tender. They have root structures that look like salamis. If you plant them before the end of winter, they will be dead. It’s advisable to plant them during March and April.


When planting dahlias, it’s recommended to place them in appropriate place with sufficient light, and keep the compost humid. By the end of winter, they will form bushy plants. In July, they may be in flower.

Any procedures, developments, and when to plant dahlia bulbs can be reviewed directly, or from video tutorials online. Watch quick video to learn more about it.


If you haven’t any place to grow the tubers, you can put the dahlia plants directly into the garden in the end of the frosts. You can protect them with fleece if there is any foliage occurring before the winter is over. This will require less work to do, but you need to prepare anything beforehand.

As preparation, cover the bottom of the hole with manure or compost and wet it with water. You can plat the dahlia then. If necessary, add stones to the hole on heavy mud. You need not only just a bamboo stick, but also a stout stake.


It’s to support the dahlia plants. After one week in the soil, scatter some fertilizer around the cluster and give some water. In hot temperature, it’s important to water the plants often. Add gentle sprinkle on the plants to moist them. Dahlias will grow fast once they break off if they don’t get staked securely. Therefore, you should learn more how to take care of dahlias.

The Aftercare of Dahlia Plants

Whether you have cultivated your dahlia plants under cover or in the garden, you require to pinch out the tips of the spurt as they mature. It can be done either with your forefinger or a sharp tool to take away the main spurt to the top leaves.

Also, you should remove almost all budding from the tuber. Remove any of them but five shoots. It seems so brutal, but it encourages bushy dahlias. With only 5 stems allowed to grow, you will obtain vigorous and strong growth that may produce more flowers. You can read more about aftercare of dahlias as well as how to take cuttings from tutorials and dahlia growing tips.


In winter, dahlias will be left in the garden and they are mulched deeply to deal with the frost. It’s very affordable maintenance, but you will risk your plants to die during hard winter. Replacing them is easy and cheap, so this becomes popular among gardeners.

The only problem is earwigs. They will eat both the leaves and flowers. To control this problem in organic way, you can include straw on canes. The earwigs will crawl into it later. At the end of the day, kill them all.

Well, when can we pick the flowers? Only pick them in full dahlia flower plant. It will prolong the flowering.

Various Colors of Dahlia Plants

blue-boy-dahliaIt doesn’t matter what flower color you like in your garden. Dahlias come in various color. Here are some examples of the color:

Blue: You can’t find many true blue flowers around the world, but blue dahlias come as majestic choice. The perfect example is Dahlia Blue Boy with its purplish-blue color.

Green: There are also green dahlias. Most of these flowers have chartreuse color fading to light white.

Yellow: If you love yellow color, you can pick California Sunset. For orange color, there’s Dahlia Ellen Housten. This type of flower gives gorgeous color of orange flowers with inky stems, and dark leaves.

Red: If you really love the dark leaves, you can pick Bishop of Llandaff. It’s a type of dahlia with red-flowers and blackish-purple shrubbery.

Purple: Well, theirs is also true purple dahlia called Dahlia Emperor. For inky color, you can choose the Trebbiano.

Others: There are many other popular colors such as Ace of Hearts (pink dahlia), Amber (peach dahlia), and Alba (white dahlia).

Dahlia plants don’t come in any color in the scale, but sometimes it’s like that. The most important thing is browse any available names and the county fair. If you live near a dahlia garden or farm, you’ll get another option to observe the fields of dahlia.

It’ll be quite overwhelming, but you will get many choices of dahlia colors and forms that you really like. You can also decide buying some tubers and start growing the dahlia plants in your garden.


purpledahliaflower reddahliaflower whitedahlia yellowdahliaflower


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