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Cinnamon Plants for Health and Mood Booster

Cinnamon Plants for Health and Mood Booster

The cinnamon plants have been used for the culinary and medicinal purpose since centuries ago. Originated in Asia and tropical regions, the cinnamon plants are divided into two common varieties which are Ceylon cinnamon and Cassia Cinnamon.

Both of them have tons of health benefits which make it cultivated widely in the world. Besides grounded as cinnamon powder, cinnamon bark also extracted to be cinnamon oil.

How to Grow Cinnamon

The first thing to consider before growing cinnamon plants are enough space since the cinnamon tree can grow to 20 until 30 feet in outside while for an indoor plant, cinnamon can grow until 5 feet high. The cinnamon plants can be grown outside but make sure to bring them inside before the winter comes.


Similar to other tropical plant, the cinnamon plants like most sunlight supply all the time, dislikes cold temperature, and prefer well drain soil.

The cinnamon plants are kept inside; make sure to place it in a sunny place for best growth and fruit bearing. Regular watering is also important depending on the location and sunlight supply. However, make sure not to overwater since the mucky soil will quickly kill the plant. Regular fertilizing is also important during the growing season.

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Cinnamon Nutritional Benefits

Since thousands of years ago, dating back to ancient Egypt times, the cinnamon has been the main spice for culinary and for medicinal purpose. Nowadays, cinnamon can be found easily in many supermarkets in the form of both ground and sticks with cheap price.

The unique smell and flavor of cinnamon comes from the oily part which is rich in a distinctive compound called cinnamaldehyde. This compound indeed brings out the cinnamon powerful health and metabolism effects.

cinnamonnutritionalbenefitsThe cinnamon is a natural source of antioxidant in which among 26 different spices; cinnamon places the first rank.

Comparing to other natural antioxidants sources such as oregano and garlic, cinnamon still has the most powerful antioxidants such as polyphenol.

Moreover, cinnamon has anti-inflammatory agents which can help fight infections and also repair cell and tissue damage.

Cinnamon is also likely to have potential benefits to reduce the risk of premature death such as heart disease, cholesterol, and diabetes.

The Ceylon cinnamon has low-level coumarin compared to cassia cinnamon in which this compound can help controlling the blood sugar.

Moreover, the cinnamaldehyde in cinnamon is also found out to be effective for controlling blood sugar. A proper nutrition, healthy diet, moderate amount of exercise and enough consumption of cinnamon can help control the blood sugar level. However, for more detail diet program and dosage; it is better to have a prior consultation with a doctor.

The cinnamon oil essential is a powerful ailment for infections due to candida yeast. The same ailment also can be applied to E. coli bacteria and Candida Albicans Fungus. Therefore, cinnamon can relief stomach bug and act as a natural and powerful antibacterial.

Taking cinnamon tea with infused of cinnamon oil can relieve stomach bug and very effective to fight adenovirus, campylobacter, as well as salmonella. Since the cinnamon works best to kill bacteria and viruses in the body; it promotes the bowel health and reduce stomach cramps and pains.


The cinnamaldehyde and eugenol in cinnamon oil are found out to have the ability to prevent cancer. Cinnamon can be used as preservatives as it prevents the growth of bacteria; therefore in it origin region, cinnamon widely used to extend the life of certain food.

Since it has antibacterial substances, cinnamon can be used as odor neutralizer rather than use chemical sprays. Besides odor neutralizer, a drop or two cinnamon oils into water or aromatherapy candle can be a good mood booster. The sweet scent of cinnamon oil can help relaxing the mind.

The cinnamon can help increase the blood circulation and flow which result in good metabolism and of course very helpful for weight loss. The high manganese levels in cinnamon can help relieve premenstrual syndrome or PMS and stomach cramps as well as manage mood swings. Since the ancient times, the cinnamon is believed as an excellent cure for winter blues. It can also help reduce depression and mood enhancer.


Cinnamon Side Effects

Even though cinnamon is likely safe to be consumed in foods and beverages or even pinch for the medicinal purpose; however excessive dosage can cause several health problems.

Since cinnamon especially the Cassia cinnamon can reduce the blood sugar; make sure to monitor the blood level regularly to prevent hypoglycemia or low blood sugar.

For post-surgery state also have to be careful due to the lowering blood level which can interfere the healing process. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should also consume in very little or avoid the cinnamon at all since there is no clear evidence for the effect. Overall, cinnamon can help boosting body health in normal usage or normally found in food.

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