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Chamomile plant for Health Booster Supplement

Chamomile plant for Health Booster Supplement

For centuries, chamomile plant is the most popular herbal plant for medicinal purpose. The common chamomile plant which considered edible flower is the Roman chamomile and German Chamomile.

Both of the varieties have magnificent health booster benefits and consumed in the form of tea and oil. Common people drink chamomile tea to maintain body health; however the oil extraction also has numerous health benefits.

The chamomile plant is very suitable for outdoor plantations since it considered as a hardy plant. In outside plantation, the chamomile prefers full sun exposure with regular watering but still can tolerate shade. If planted indoor, the chamomile plant should receive the same amount of sunlight. Make sure not to overwater the chamomile since it prefers slightly dry soil.

Chamomile Flower

The chamomile flower is similar to daisy in shape as it belongs to the same family. The flower consists of white petals with a yellow center. The chamomile flower usually blooms during spring which is around May to October.


Chamomile Benefits

Chamomile plant is believed to have tons of health benefits. For centuries, chamomile has been used in a form or tea and oil, therefore, it can be used for the internal and external purpose. Extensive research found out that chamomile flower has therapeutic use such as reduce insomnia, relieve stress, stomach stress ailments, and many more.

Even though consuming chamomile tea is considered safe, the large dosage can trigger allergic and vomit reactions. For those who has an allergy towards daisies families should avoid consuming chamomile too.


The chamomile plants contain coumarin which has blood thinning effect. The effect will be notable most for long term usage in large dosage. Similar to other herbal medicine, a consultation with your doctor will be best since the chamomile will also react to certain medicine such as aspirin and ibuprofen.

For pregnant women, it is best to avoid chamomile since there is a possibility to increase miscarriage and instant abortion.

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Effects Chamomile Tea

To enjoy chamomile tea, you can steep the herbal tea for about five or ten minutes in maximum and then enjoy the healthy tea. If you like a sweet taste, you can add some honey into the tea. The chamomile tea has several health effects such as calming the stomach due to cramps and bowel discomfort.

effectsofchamomileteaRecent studies found out that regularly consume of chamomile tea can promote muscle relaxation, fighting cold, as well as infection as the tea contains antibacterial compounds.

The phenolics compounds found in chamomile tea are believed as immune booster agent.

For those who prone to experience a pre-menstrual syndrome of PMS and menstrual cramps; the chamomile tea can help relieve the pain as it has relaxing effects.

Moreover, the chamomile tea can help mood boosting and nerve soothing. For a good sleep, you can drink a cup of warm chamomile tea before sleeping; the flower tea has the power to relax the muscle as well as reduce sleeping disorder.

Chamomile Essential Oils Benefits

Chamomile flower is also extracted into oil essential which has known for centuries for its health benefits. The common chamomile types which are extracted are the German chamomile and Roman chamomile.

Both of them have similar health benefits; however, it has differences in composition and extraction process. The Roman chamomile has more calming and relaxing effects while the German chamomile is a natural source of the anti-inflammatory substance.

However, in general, both Roman and German chamomile have many health benefits. For example is helping body detoxification through removing toxins and infection agents. Moreover, chamomile oil has febrifuge effect which helps cooling down the body temperature from a high fever.

The chamomile oil is a very powerful source of anti-bacterial, antiseptic, antibiotic, antifungal, and disinfectant. If you have an issue with bacteria, mites, lice, fungi, and such; you can apply chamomile oil. Apply the chamomile oil in hair to kill mites and lice and it also helps to keep hair in healthy condition.


Both oil extraction of chamomile flower has antidepressant and stimulant benefits in which it helps the mind to eliminate sadness, depression, disappoints as well as sleeping disorders. Even smelling the oil scents can boost the good mood. For relaxation, you can add one or two drops of chamomile oil into the aromatherapy candle to boost the good feeling.

The chamomile oil surprisingly helps promote healthy digestion system as well as reduce stomach issue. The oil extraction can help relieve trapped gas in the stomach which is dangerous.

It also has a hepatic benefit which means that it is good for the liver health by control the blood pressure and the flow. In addition, for people who have issues with joints, headache, toothache, muscle pain and so on; the chamomile oil can help reduce the pain due to the analgesic and anti-neuralgic benefits.

In the cosmetics world, chamomile oil is also a popular substance since it can minimalize dark spots, marks, and scratch on the skin especially face. It also can prevent bruises and wounds from infection.

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